As a member of the MANN+HUMMEL Engineering School Program, I spent 5 months in the air filter element R&D department Germany. I am sure that this training will really help me at MANN+HUMMEL China later, so I know I made the right decision. I benefited a lot from this training, both in technical knowledge and from a private perspective, and I believe that the MANN+HUMMEL international development network also profited from the internal cooperation.

I’d like to share my training experience here, to let people know more about the Engineering School Program. One can really take advantage of this opportunity, and benefit oneself and the company!

“Engineering School Program” has nothing to do with school. It’s like a training department. I joined MANN+HUMMEL China after graduation, in the Engineering School Program. After one year there, getting basic information via learning by doing, training related to my work content, and getting prepared for further training, I came to the MANN+HUMMEL headquarter in Germany.

Working at MANN+HUMMEL Ludwigsburg

MANN+HUMMEL is a global company. The group in which I was trained included colleagues from India, Russia, Italy, Spain, France and more. It was like a small world. And I had a mentor there, a well-respected engineer with 15+ years of experience. My training plan was made after discussions with my managers at MANN+HUMMEL China and MANN+HUMMEL Germany. The focus was on improving my performance in various areas including communications.

MANN+HUMMEL Ludwigsburg: Technical Training

To help me become more professional in my work – air filter element development – I needed to learn more about filter elements, filter media, testing, production processes, design and new, innovative products currently under development.

General training

I attended the general training programs such as filtration training and OEM product training. Furthermore, I went to meetings with air cleaner product experts. I visited the prototype workshop, got to know how A sample and B sample products are produced. I also witnessed 3D printing! It’s really amazing: it seems there’s nothing you can’t print out via 3D printing.

I also visited one of our media suppliers and learned more about media production processes, and I went to the huge filter element plant in Marklkofen. There I saw different production lines for air filter elements; a standard line, a special line with laser cutting for elements with complex shapes, and a newly developed line for elements with variable height.

A big thanks to my supervisor and my mentor. I’m convinced such high-quality training can’t be found anywhere else!

Element test training

To better understand filtration principles and how testing required of engineers is carried out, a lab training was specially organized for me.

I spent three weeks in lab training regarding element testing. In the first week, I performed tests together with technicians, learned how to set up the test bench, create test programs, etc. In “Week 2” I performed tests on my own. During this period, I recorded all the questions/problems I encountered. In the final week, I discussed these questions with experienced experts, analyzed test results, wrote reports, and made a summary about the training: test procedures, critical concerns, questions answered, lessons learned, etc.

This is excellent training. I became better at air filter research, creating tests more convenient for technicians, checking procedures, defining test conditions efficiently (saving time/money). I also widened my network: now I’m more familiar with the Testing Department, it will be easier when I have problems, especially after I go back to China. I’ll be able to go directly to the Testing Department, discuss and fix problems efficiently.

Lastly, I also spent one week in the Materials Department focusing on filter media testing. I got to know the details/procedures, learning what kinds of tests should be performed under which conditions, and how to use media testing to check supplier quality. One amazing thing I learned is that one can use filter media testing to check production process quality, thus saving the cost of a functional test.


Again, I benefited significantly from this training, technically and privately. It was excellent; I learned about filter elements, filter media, testing, production processes and more.

In the second blog post, I will present more training details, comment about work in general and also talk about living in Germany. I hope you will read it!