family pictureI live in Okříšky in the district of Třebíč, which is in the south of the Czech Republic. When we were looking for a kindergarden for our son, there was a standard offer provided by the government. The company kintergarden provided by MANN+HUMMEL caught our interest by offering something special, which is useful for us and our child as well. The company kindergarden offered not only to teach our child English, but they also had convenient opening times.The kindergarden is open between 6:30 am to 5 pm, and are arranged specifically to suit MANN+HUMMEL flexible working hours. These special attributes are a big relief for us parents.

The MANN+HUMMEL company kindergarden

When MANN+HUMMEL in the Czech Republic opened its own company kindergarden in September 2013 ten kilometres away from the factory, a lot of young parents from  the factory and service center were pleased. This day-care option allows them to concentrate on their jobs as necessary and on the other hand be sure that their kids are in an environment, that is opportune for their development. The MANN+HUMMEL kindergarden takes children aged from six months to six years (and even to seven years when the school start is delayed), thus giving parents the chance to combine job, family, and career. We are no longer required to continuously ask relatives if they can take care of the children, or pay for a private babysitter.

The focus on languages

The children learn in modern rooms and are supervised by competent carers. The kindergarten is bilingual, teaching both English and Czech. A specially trained English teacher is present all day, and teaches the language in a playful way, with songs, games, and other similar techniques. My son Davidek is now almost three years old and after just two months he was already able to say the colour of my sweater or name his toys in English. When he is not learning, he loves to play in the colourful ball pool at the kindergarten.

I am really happy that my son has been given this opportunity to learn and that we as parents are still able to go to work. It is much easier for young children to learn a new language than it is for adults. I hope that this will make it easier for Davidek to find a job in the future. Even for us living in the Czech Republic, English is of course, a “must”.