The new ESC600 Easy Service Centrifuge was showcased on MANN+HUMMEL’s stand at this year’s SMM trade fair in Hamburg. SMM is the leading fair for the maritime industry and regularly attracts around 50,000 visitors over a four-day period. ESC600 is the first in a new generation of Centrifuge products from MANN+HUMMEL UK in Chard.

Development of the new product started in 2015 and, after listening to detailed client feedback, we identified a demand in the market for a centrifuge that was faster and easier to clean. In particular, engineers at various installations highlighted the difficulty in cleaning contaminant from the rotor due to the need for large and heavy wrenches and spanners.

The exhibition booth at the SMM in Hamburg

For those unfamiliar with the product, the centrifuge extracts contaminants from engine oil, thereby having a positive effect on both oil and engine life. Contaminated oil is fed through to the centrifuge rotor. The oil pressure causes the rotor to spin at high speed, creating centrifugal forces. Because of the high internal forces created, the contaminant is forced from the oil and forms a compact mass on the internal wall of the rotor. The clean oil then drains down to the engine sump.

trade fair talks

New innovations a hit with visitors

The ESC 600 had pride of place on the SMM stand and could not be missed. Interest came not only from OEM manufacturers but also engine manufacturers, marine agents and vessel owners. The overall reaction to the product was overwhelmingly positive.

During the fair, the new features of the ESC that were of particular interest to customers.

  • The new one-piece cast cover that has an in-built handle to allow for easy removal.
  • The rotor cover bayonet fitting requiring no tools to service.
  • The silicone liner, a reusable receptacle that is easy to remove and dispose of the contaminant.
  • Rapid drain Cut Off Valve, reducing waiting time for oil to drain from the rotor.

The previous version’s large securing nut on the rotor can mean using heavy-duty sockets and spanners to remove the rotor cover, which can prove difficult, particularly if the centrifuge is in a tight space. Additionally, the paper insert could be difficult to remove, whereas the new silicone liner is easily removed and can be re-used several times! Thanks to these features, and other innovations with the product, service times can be reduced from around 60 minutes to about 15 minutes.

fair discussion at the SMM

Making the most of a trade fair

This wasn’t the first time I had been to the fair, so I knew what to expect: efficient organisation, long and busy days, engaged and knowledgeable visitors and very sore feet. My main tip if you are going to a trade fair in Germany is to plan ahead and wear comfortable shoes!

However, I would say to anyone visiting or exhibiting at the fair is to make the most of it. It is a great opportunity not only to see what the competition are doing (!) but to make new contacts within your customer base and supply chain.

A bright future for the ESC 600

Centrifuges are very reliable, and the design has not radically changed over the past 30 or 40 years. In fact, we still talk to customers who are using the original Glacier Metal centrifuge that has been in service for over 30 years. This means that a new centrifuge has to be ground-breaking to convince customers to upgrade.  I believe with the ESC 600, MANN+HUMMEL have designed the next generation of centrifuges to satisfy even our most demanding customers.



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