An extraordinary outcome for an extraordinary job: Working on the award-winning children’s book ‘Fly with me all around the world’ proved to be a huge amount of fun for all involved from the word go. For this reason, we at ‘bunte büffel’ (colourful buffaloes) would first like to thank MANN+HUMMEL for choosing our agency for this wonderful project. Reflecting on the conception stage and also the production, we certainly never expected to win an award for the fruits of our labour! Winning the European Excellence Award for the children’s book we produced has exceeded all our expectations and is tremendous news. The whole process of developing this employee publication turned out to be a sheer, unadulterated pleasure for us at ‘bunte büffel’ – and in more ways than one.

MANN+HUMMEL childrens book

We would first like to praise Wiebke Werner for the great work she did in looking after the project at MANN+HUMMEL. From the very first briefings onwards, it was literally a case of going ’round’ – round the globe in fact. Looking at countless photos from across all continents made for an exciting voyage of discovery and gave us multiple opportunities to see the multinational diversity of MANN+HUMMEL and its employees in a new light. Our next task was to focus right away on making the little mascot, ‘Hummeli’, fresh and modern in the illustrations for the book.

MANN+HUMMEL childrens bookMANN+HUMMEL childrens book












We wanted our young readership to see the main character of the story as an equal as much as possible, so made her much smaller in stature. Prior to this, Hummeli was standing up and adult size. She now flies around in a way designed to be fun for children, accompanying her readers from page to page and showing them the world in all its diversity. In the book, employees from a total of 20 countries present their own locations using photos, facts and local information and, most importantly, they do this in their own words.

For my colleague Claudia Kappenberger and me, the most important thing was always the experience of the child when reading and looking at the book.  MANN+HUMMEL childrens book


For my colleague Claudia Kappenberger and me, the most important thing was always the experience of the child when reading and looking at the book.

bunte büffel

Simon Schelsy and Claudia Kappenberger


We still can’t quite believe that Hummeli’s new freckled face and chubby cheeks not only managed to light up children’s eyes, but also captivated communications experts from across the European continent – overcoming all 1600 other applications in the ‘Employee Publication’ category at the final hurdle, among them publications from Telekom, Henkel and Volvo. It would be nice if the award could help in some way to get as many little readers as possible having fun while discovering other countries and arousing a certain curiosity about their parents’ jobs.