MF branding volkicarMANN+HUMMEL Turkey is a vehicle sponsor in the V1 Challenge, one of the most popular race series in Turkey. We began this sponsorship in 2012 as those who attend these races fit into our target market for automotive aftermarket parts.

One for all – the VOLKICAR

The V1 Challenge consists of 20 technically identical cars, which all use the same fuel and the same tires. The cars are called VOLKICAR. The VOLKICAR is Turkey’s homemade race car, and was developed bei Volkan Isik, one of Turkey’s Rally Champions. The car has rear-wheel drive, weighs 530 kilograms, and provides 115 horsepower – occupying a 5 forward speed gearbox and a 1250 cc motor. Because all of the cars are identical, everything depends on the quality of the driver.

volkicars turkey

Our successful driver is Koray Muratoglu. He is 36 years old but looks young for his age. He was the Turkish Rally Champion in 2000, and was also very successful at the Marmara Rally. He is also a motor sports writer and editor of one of the most popular Automotive magazins in Turkey, called “Autocar”.

Small car with power

I once had the opportunity to drive in a VOLKICAR, and I can say I really enjoyed it. You don’t expect so much power from such a small car when you look at it from the outside. You have to drive it to see its real abilities. It is a very “aggressive” machine and not so easy to control, but you can make great spins with it, because of its rear wheel-drive.

The races are performed in six different cities. In 2013, races took place in Izmir, Tarsus, Bursa, Izmit, Aydin, and Antalya. MHTR performs various activities with our dealers in the cities we visit. We can strengthen the relationships with our dealers and establish our network in the whole country.  With our VOLKICAR and its impressive MANN-FILTER branding, we can organize out-of-race workshops and advanced driving trainings. We entertain our dealers and dealer customers who come to watch the races with their families and ensure that they spend a pleasant weekend day with us.

An active community

The interest in automobile sports of those who love cars is inevitable. Automobile sports have an established loyal audience in Turkey. The fans follow the different racing series like the V1 Challenge, the Turkish Rally Championship, the WRC, and the WTCC really closely. They love their cars and appreciate quality as end users. We established this sponsorship in order to reach these conscious end users, and plan to continue being a sponsor in the future.

On racing days, we come together with other spare parts manufacturers that sponsor the automobiles. It’s a great opportunity to have active and warm conversations. Our employees who visit the races help to support and provide motivation to our VOLKICAR and driver.

We also benefit in terms of press returns from this sponsorship. We use the high interest of the press to our advantage thanks to the successful results accomplished by our driver, Koray Muratoglu.


The target for next year is to improve on our sixth place finish in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, and be able to step on the podium in 2014.

May luck be on our side!