One year: that’s 221 working days, 1547 hours, 92,820 minutes or 5,569,200 seconds at work at MANN+HUMMEL. Time spent with fantastic colleagues, exciting projects and plenty of challenges both big and small.

My first day at work

I am currently celebrating my first anniversary at MANN+HUMMEL. Just like the new brand image, I was introduced to the company at the start of 2016, as I took up my first proper job after finishing my studies. To begin with, there were a few nerves, some trepidation and, of course, excitement. What will my colleagues be like? What exactly will I be asked to do? What are my responsibilities and will I be able to get the hang of everything? I can still vividly remember my very first day at work and I’m sure you can imagine how anxious I was beforehand.

But as soon as I arrived in my department, all the nerves quickly evaporated. I felt at home right away at MANN+HUMMEL and the days began to fly by.

Green is the colour – the brand environment and me

Perhaps the colour green also played a small part in helping me settle in; it was, after all, my favourite colour long before I joined MANN+HUMMEL. Green is MANN+HUMMEL’s corporate colour and a real eye-catcher! Some prominent examples of this include the new logo, the ‘Book of Answers’, the new technology centre in Ludwigsburg, the new advertising materials and the green vests on show at the Ludwigsburger Citylauf race.

In corporate communications, we began planning for the 2016 Citylauf race in Ludwigsburg right at the start of the year and, as a budding runner, I was particularly pleased to be involved in organising the event. All runners were set to be resplendent in MANN+HUMMEL’s own special shade of green. In addition to the logistics involved in providing all the runners with a new vest, the number of people taking part also presented something of a challenge.

Our goal was clear from the outset: to celebrate the 75th anniversary of MANN+HUMMEL we wanted to inspire 750 runners to take part in the race. Ultimately, we more or less achieved this, with a total of 744 runners taking part – clearly in this case the number is rounded up! 😉 A great success for all involved.

Daily Business

We often work with external service providers, develop new ideas together and give our creativity free reign, asking questions like: what does the new magazine for the business report look like and what articles are being written for it? How are we refining the corporate design? What needs to be taken into account when organising a family day? What advertising materials are we using to inspire our employees and customers as regards our brand? What do we mean when we say that everything at MANN+HUMMEL is becoming greener and bit more square?


During my first year here at MANN+HUMMEL, I’ve already learnt a lot, met so many great people, experienced countless highlights, taken part in various exciting projects, overcome a number of challenges and – best of all – I now get paid to do what I enjoy, i.e. design various advertising materials, refine MANN+HUMMEL’s visual appearance piece by piece, and really bring the brand to life together with my colleagues.

In summary

It’s been a wonderful, varied and also exciting first year at MANN+HUMMEL and I’m already looking forward to a whole host of other highlights set to come my way in the future.