I’m pretty sure most of you heard about our new Technology Center and the FILTER-WERK museum that was built within it, but have you wondered what this unique corporate museum is all about?

Filter elements are all around you in the museum. They can be found in between relics from the past, far from the typical filter products in the form of clothes and housewares. This museum really enables a multifaceted insight into the world of MANN+HUMMEL. It answers questions regarding the history of MANN+HUMMEL, our product selection, and our brand diversity. Throughout this museum, Holzer Kobler Architectures, the firm responsible for the museum concept, created a place that unites past, present, and future of this company. Simone Haar, who was the lead responsible for the concept, is pleased with the final composition of the new museum and spoke with me about the particulars of the building.

Simone Haar

Miss Haar, you managed the conceptual design of the museum. Which concept is this museum following?

The upper floor presents the beginning of MANN+HUMMEL. That is both the origin and the merger of various business sectors, as well as the steady growth, the social commitment, and the development to today’s diversity of products. We ensured the aesthetic staging of all products, because in this area it’s not about their individual output, we therefore put the focus on the diversity of the product selection.

The technology of the products is then shown on the lower floor. Visitors will find answers to numerous questions, for example: What exactly is filtration? Why do we need it? And how is filtration working? And of course, we used the chance to portray the company within this area. We present employees, production processes, and technologies. Moreover, we show the FILTER-values and the brand diversity of MANN+HUMMEL. A dynamic medial filter pixel wall serves as a connecting element between the two planes. It shows the most recent data, as well as facts and figures about MANN+HUMMEL in various forms.

Were there any design challenges that had to be considered during the planning and implementation of the museum?

The opening of the museum shouldn’t be the completion of a project, rather the beginning of a dynamic process. In that regard, it was important to provide an adequate form of presentation to every aspect of MANN+HUMMEL and to find a link to connect these individual elements to a total composition. Also, the possibility to replace and update things was as important to us as the development of an innovative form of presentation, and now this exact kind of presentation can only be found at the FILTER-WERK museum.

Many companies have a private corporate museum. Is there still a feature that brings uniqueness to the MANN+HUMMEL museum?

I think MANN+HUMMEL itself is the special feature. That means, for example, the company’s history and development as well as the contact between employees and the commitment MANN+HUMMEL affords in addition to everyday work life. We at Holzer Kobler were always welcomed with warmth and support– in my opinion, this is one of the recipes for success of MANN+HUMMEL.

The museum captures many aspects of the MANN+HUMMEL world, whether it is history, the product portfolio, or technology. Is there any area that is meant to be the central focus?

Each area is a highlight in itself through its own unique design presentation. For visitors to the museum, there are different, yet intuitive, approaches and ways of looking at the various topics and areas. Due to the free presentation and an open tour format, visitors can follow their own curiosity. Furthermore, there is an attractive range of diverse information media, through which themes are explained in detail.

Is there any highlight, which you want to draw particular attention to?

I think this is certainly the 17 meter wide medial pixel wall of filter elements. It combines the filter material with high technology in an innovative format – just another emblem of MANN+HUMMEL.

One last question: What should the visitors think when leaving the museum?

The main aim is that all visitors say: MANN+HUMMEL is a friendly and knowledgeable company in all areas, and I think that they will soon need a bigger corporate museum.

Thank you for this interview Miss Haar!