From October 17th until October 21st the five Finance Graduates of MANN+HUMMEL came together in Ludwigsburg for a team meeting.

The MANN+HUMMEL Finance Graduate Program has been in existence for many years and has provided many possibilities to the company and its graduates. The company employs recent graduates with high potential then supports and trains them to be future managers. During the three years of the program, the Graduates have the possibility to experience different countries and departments all while gaining experience in various fields of the company.

Currently there are five Finance Graduates employed at MANN+HUMMEL that are spread all over the world. From October 17th to October 21st they all came together in Ludwigsburg for a week of learning and growing.

Exchange of experiences in the team – an exciting week!

The week started on Monday morning with an introduction that went over current topics regarding the company and its development. Even though we have been part of the program since at least one year, some of us had not yet met. Therefore it was great to finally have a face to each name! 🙂

In the afternoon it was time to get into the cars and make our way to the Czech Republic! We travelled there to visit the Service Centre and the Plant in Okříšky. The six hour drive passed quickly because of course, we had a lot to talk about! Even though we all work in different areas (i.e. Plant Controlling, Project Controlling, Reporting, Manufacturing Controlling, etc.) there are a lot of interdependencies between the different tasks. You begin to realize how many connections there actually are while talking about it. The exchange was also very valuable regarding potential future placements in other countries. The more experienced graduates were able to share their knowledge and make it easier for the new ones.

The service centre is an internal service provider that assumes the accounting activities from many sites all over the world. Amongst other presentations, we had one to one working sessions, where each graduate sat together with one accountant and watched them work. This was especially interesting for all of us, because until now, none of us had any connection to accounting and the work related to it. Also the level of standardization that we experienced in the Service Centre and the fact that it is continuously increasing really intrigued us.

As we were only stayed for three nights, there was not so much time to experience much of the Czech culture. However, one thing we definitely got a taste of was the food. During our dinners we always chose typical Czech dishes (which meant we ate A LOT of meat and potatoes).

On Friday the graduate week was concluded in Ludwigsburg where we had a meeting with Emese Weissenbacher to share our thoughts and impressions from the past week. We agreed that this week was very valuable to us – not only because of what we have learned but also for the connections that were made. Of course we will always be spread throughout the world, but the week enhanced our values in Teamwork.