My name is Inge Wedel. I am 26 years old and studied international business administration and company management. In October 2017 at WOLFF & MÜLLER company I became a pilot candidate for interdisciplinary training. Each interdisciplinary training program has a special focus and in my case this was the Gottlob-Müller principle of sustainability. That is our strategy and our understanding of how we can promote sustainability at WOLFF & MÜLLER. As I have already been very interested in sustainability for some time and also been involved in associated projects, the Gottlob-Müller principle fits in well with my ideas. I am fascinated by the challenge to achieve added value through the inclusion where possible of economical, ecological and social aspects.

In tune with a subject which is important for all areas of the company, for one year I worked at different stations in the company based on the life cycle of a building and was in a position to carry out my own projects.

About the test project

In recent years the subject of air quality has become more important to companies and the public. This seems to be true especially in regions with heavy traffic such as Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and the surroundings, in particular against the background of the current discussion about driving bans for diesel vehicles. Our managing partner Dr. Albert Dürr read about the mobile fine dust eater vehicles from

Jan-Eric Raschke and Inge Wedel at the column

MANN+HUMMEL in the paper, the test vehicles with the filter “ski box” on the roof. After that at a congress he heard about filter solutions for real estate. As the manager of a construction company he quickly hit upon the idea to place stationary filters on real estate in order to improve the air quality. Dr. Dürr therefore then took up contact with Thomas Fischer, chairman of the MANN+HUMMEL supervisory board, and proposed a cooperation between the two companies. This is how I as a representative for WOLFF & MÜLLER together with my colleague Bernd Reutter came to participate in this project with the filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL.

Filter cube for clean air

Inspired by the idea

I think it’s great that a family-owned company which supports sustainability is able to take the initiative and work together with other companies to find a way to help counter the problem of fine dust. WOLFF & MÜLLER does not directly  profit monetarily from the project, but can use the project to do something good for the environment, show a good example, and ideally to get others interested in the idea. We as a construction company can support MANN+HUMMEL when it comes to construction measures including the provision of a suitable piece of real estate, applications for permits, or the installation of foundations and power connections.

Inge WedelIn meetings conducted with our colleagues at MANN+HUMMEL we worked out a concept, continually revised the concept, and found new solutions until we finally found an appropriate test site at the Bleyle complex in Ludwigsburg where we could realize our ideas and install a total of three filter columns. The complex was built by our company and is suitable because there are a number of sources of fine dust in the area such as the railway station nearby or the busy Martin-Luther-Strasse. At the same time, with a kindergarten and a medical clinic the area includes many parties which require protection.

Even though the MANN+HUMMEL fine dust filter only addresses the symptom and not the cause of an urgent and very complex problem, in my opinion the approach helps to relieve the effects of the problem and can also lead to the development of further solutions and a better awareness of current problems.

Not all the things we try out will end up in a solution

And each solution first has to be tried out. I hope that with our filter project we can make a small contribution to help the situation. Who knows, perhaps our action will start a new chain of events and at the end we can work together with others to achieve something big.

Now with great interest I am awaiting the results of the first measurements at the Bleyle complex together with the analysis and the knowledge gained. But we are already impressed with the project and want to install a further column at our new WOLFF & MÜLLER CAMPUS headquarters at Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart.



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