As part of our commitment to a happy working environment, we wanted to provide our colleagues and their families with an opportunity to see our workplace and the new factory that MANN+HUMMEL Changchun moved to in 2013. As a result, the first Family Day was born and took place on the 20 September 2015. The event attracted 160 colleagues and their families from all departments, including some of my own Family.

Lion Dance welcomes visitors 

The day started with a lion dance, a traditional Chinese custom at many ceremonies and events. The lion symbolises prosperity, joy and happiness and we hope that it will bring the same to our day and our factory. During their welcome speech, General Manager Mr Philip Schuster and Deputy General Manager Mr Li Shuyang said, “The intention of this Family Day is to create a platform where we can enhance the mutual communication with our colleagues and our families. The progress and development of MANN+HUMMEL Changchun cannot be realised without hard-working colleagues and the quiet support of all families. We want to show our gratitude for the contribution and support of our colleagues and their families.”

Our visitors were then divided into smaller groups and went on to inspect the workshops, laboratory and office area. During the guided tour, everyone had chance to admire the new building and they learned more about the production process. Afterwards we had our lunch break in the staff canteen and there was a chance for all participants, young and old, to play the games we had organised. One of the most popular was the “Biscuit Game“; the parent put a biscuit on their child’s forehead and he or she tried to move the biscuit to their mouth without using their hands! The kids made some very funny faces and it looked like so much fun that even some of the adults had a go… 

Quiz to help foster understanding

To give our families further insight into MANN+HUMMEL, we organised a quiz covering the company history, our products, our main customers as well as our values and philosophy. This attracted great attention and the active participation of all our families. We gave away two juice makers as 1st Prizes and 5 portable USB sticks as 2nd Prizes to the lucky winners. Surprise always comes to people with great patience – and the children were no exception. Mr Philip Schuster and Mr Li Shuyang gave each of our young participants a special prize – a big, white, fluffy Baymax toy from the film “Big Hero 6”.

The first Family Day at MANN+HUMMEL Changchun ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. Everyone left with an enhanced understanding of our values and the knowledge that we appreciate their care and support. As a reminder of the day, we produced a 2 metre long poster (MCCN = MANN+HUMMEL Changchun) containing over 1,000 pictures which is proudly displayed in our office area. We will certainly be repeating the event in a similar format next year – with, of course, some improvements!