I have no doubt that regular readers of the MANN+HUMMEL blog will have enjoyed the excellent articles by Keith Wilson, Ralph Müller, John Back and Sara Longardner. Their stories about the hard work and planning that have gone into the successful merger of the Wix-Filtron group (formerly Affinia) and MANN+HUMMEL are fascinating. It’s clear that the two organizations have powerful economic and strategic synergies that make them suitable partners in a bright and stable future.

A common focus on health and well-being

The similarities between the two partners don’t stop on a financial or organizational level. Our new company, MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology, will also build on well-established corporate philosophies from both sides to focus on the health and well-being of employees and the wider community.

Just under a year ago, the Wix team established an exercise group at our location in Dillon, South Carolina. A core group of eight employees meet three times a week at a local gym and wellness centre. The facility is just down the road from the plant; it’s easy to get to so it’s difficult to make an excuse not to attend! For each session, we train 20 minutes cardio, 20 minutes core and 20 minutes strength training. We’ve found that, as well as becoming more active and feeling fitter, we have bonded in a way that strengthens our working relationships.

Encouraging everyone to get active

The emphasis on physical activity does not stop with our exercise group. Around a third of the employees at MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology in Dillon are members of the gym. You’ll see colleagues working out in the weights room, enjoying aerobics, and taking it to the next level in spin classes. Participation is, of course, purely voluntary but the company is an enthusiastic, proactive supporter. It also contributes to the corporate membership fee paid by each employee.

We are delighted that a commitment to community fitness opportunities will continue to be a cornerstone of MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology’s corporate philosophy. After all, promoting health and wellbeing activities is an important part of what we are and how we interact with our locality. The benefits to employees are clear – a great feeling of well-being, a connection to the company and an increased sense of belonging to a team. You never know where our activities may take us; maybe you’ll see some employees from Dillon running in the next marathon in Zaragoza or tackling the course at the Motorman Run. We’re up for the challenge – bring it on!