A towing truck, a bus, a wheeled loader or a tractor: Four incredible vehicles are available for selection – and YOU decide which will be converted!

But let’s start from the beginning: my name is Lina Van de Mars and I love challenges. That’s why I’m especially happy to present the great MANN-FILTER conversion campaign “we-love-machines.com” to you today, which I will carry out jointly with my colleague Jo Scholz.

A huge conversion project for us all – in the literal sense of the word! 🙂

What it’s all about:

From one of the four commercial vehicles mentioned earlier, Jo and I will build a real one-off – and, for the first time, not a car – a completely new situation for us both. Not only the vehicle itself, but also the relevant tools and conditions: everything will be different from what we know. Not least the team, because Jo and I have never worked together before! 🙂

So we’ll be facing a few new firsts and exciting challenges, which will mean plenty of experimentation and improvisation. We’re convinced that the campaign will be a great success – and we can’t wait to really get going! That’s why we’ve already developed some exciting ideas that we’d like to implement.

Which of these will become a reality is up to you! My secret favorite is the wheeled loader… Here, we could do anything, from a BBQ grill in the shovel through to a discomobile…

The team, however, would really like to get its hands on the tractor. But, of course, we don’t want to influence you… 😉

As you can see, it’s going to stay exciting for us too! But regardless of the vehicle that gets chosen in the end, I can promise you now that we’ll make a real eye-catcher out of it.


Have we awakened your love for big vehicles?

Then go for it: visit the MANN-FILTER campaign website and vote for your favorite machine now. By the way… there are also great prizes to be won. 🙂

Keep up-to-date

In the blog covering the MANN-FILTER conversion campaign,  Jo and I will provide regular updates on the campaign, our ideas and the current state of the voting. Furthermore, you can look over our shoulder while we’re converting the vehicle.
You can subscribe to the campaign newsletter here in order to receive all the important information directly to your inbox.

I’m already looking forward to an exciting time with you, with Jo and with the entire team during the great MANN-FILTER conversion campaign!