training at MANN+HUMMELEven as a young boy, I was always fascinated by anything to do with electricity, electronics, and technology. I was always keen to know how electrical devices worked, what they could do, and what they looked like inside. I’ll never forget being given a Lego Technic set as a child. A few years down the line I completed an internship as an electronics engineer for industrial systems. However, it was not long after this that I had my job interview at MANN+HUMMEL and decided to train as a mechatronics engineer.

Thinking back, my grades leaving high school were pretty average. However, my training at MANN+HUMMEL was far from average! I even surprised myself in terms of how well I did; I received the IHK Award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, meaning I am now considered one of the best mechatronics engineers in the Dingolfing-Landau area. Who’d have guessed!

Passing the examination with the right training at MANN+HUMMEL

We received the results of our final examination online. I felt a great sense of relief after logging in and seeing that I had passed. After all, you can never be 100% sure what to expect. I was expecting a grade of around 75% at best, but to get what I did… wow! You see, I hadn’t really studied that much for the final exam, if I’m being totally honest. I only started studying about two weeks before the exam. Fortunately, I could still remember a good deal of my training, so I only really had to brush up on a few topics beforehand.

The final exam itself was divided into two sections: one written part involving arithmetic tasks and multiple choice questions, which covered elements covering the entire training period. The second part was a practical part, which involved performing a real task. The practical part is based on the work done in the company every day. To give you an example, you may have to convert a production line or develop a certain piece of equipment. This has to be documented and described in detail, and sent to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). The exam culminated in a technical discussion – a type of oral exam – with a trainer and two teachers from the college.

The award ceremony

I learnt of my award through MANN+HUMMEL. The award ceremony itself took place at our Marklkofen location. I was invited to attend along with all the other prize winners from the other fields. Each of us received a certificate and an engraved glass trophy. Our employer also rewarded us financially for our efforts. The award ceremony was a great experience, and I am, of course, proud to have received the award.

I’m now in charge of the conveyor belt and associated systems at Marklkofen. This means I am responsible for making sure that our production line for oil and fuel filters is running smoothly without impacting quality. Naturally, this includes carrying out quality checks when we are converting the belt for other tasks.

Going from apprentice to someone with responsibility straight away was a big step. That being said, I was monitored carefully and always had a designated contact person who was on hand with support if needed. That’s what’s so good about working at the company. If you are dedicated, you soon get to do a lot of different tasks, but you still have backup from colleagues and mentors at all times. That really is a good thing.