“If you had the chance to fulfil a child´s wish, would you do that?” When asked this question, more than 100 volunteers of MANN+HUMMEL China said yes, and they did indeed keep their promises. It was June 26th, a day of heavy rain. On this day, volunteers from MANN+HUMMEL arrived at Loutang School, which is a combination of primary school and junior high school. It was also the school from which all the wishes were collected.

Wish tree

As the summer holiday had already started, the school was not as lively as it would normally be. The school hall was however full of joy and happiness as more than 100 children were waiting for the volunteers and their gifts. When the company shuttle bus arrived at about 9:00 a.m, the volunteers found the whole hall decorated with balloons prepared by the children. A most cheering sight for the volunteers.

A gift of happiness

The ceremony was announced to start at 9:00 a.m. Over the next two hours, the teacher and representatives of MANN+HUMMEL delivered their speeches. And the most important part was that all the children on site came up one by one on to the stage to accept the gifts from the volunteers. For example my colleague Maggie Wang fulfilled the wish of a little girl who wished to give a loudspeaker to her teacher – the girl noticed that her teacher was tired of speaking loudly in class. So she wished a loudspeaker for her teacher, instead of anything for herself. What a kind-hearted girl! I was standing there watching and felt a warm glow deep in my heart!

The Wish Tree project – a great success

Looking back at the past 3 weeks, I was lucky enough, as a member of the marketing department, to have the chance to witness the whole process of this “Wish Tree” project initiated by the Corporate Communication team. I saw volunteers claiming children’s wishes for 3 weeks, I waited for more and more gifts to come into the marketing department, and I was becoming increasingly familiar with every child’s name … so although this was the first time we had actually met the children, we did feel close to each other!

The “Wish Tree” project has been a resounding success. As it was such a meaningful activity, it was highly appreciated by volunteers and other colleagues. I felt very proud to be involved with it!