I would like to invite you to a short journey with me to the beautiful country of Australia. Within the framework of my dual studies degree in the field of International Business in cooperation with MANN+HUMMEL, I encountered the opportunity  to study abroad. Overwhelmed by this possibility, I immediately accepted it and in September after my 24 hour flight to the other side of the world  my journey started.

Although it is winter time in September in Australia, the average temperature never dipped below 15 degrees in the Brisbane area where I lived. From the beginning, I particularly liked my accommodation and its closeness to the stunning beaches of the city. Our complex inhabited students from all over the world and it promoted an intercultural exchange through collective activities and swimming-pools. Generally, all students were put together in houses of five people. I  shared a flat with two flat mates from Canada, one from Australia and one from Germany. This multicultural household was certainly responsible for some disputes, especially considering the  tidiness of our apartment and the dining habits.  Moreover, I also became acquainted to the mentioned cultures and easily started to appreciate them.

Bond University, which offers a spectacular and unique campus, was situated close to my apartment.

The overall standard of academic courses appeared to be similar to the ones in Germany. However, the applied communication channels during classes were different. In Australia students usually take four courses each semester, enabling them to prioritize and focus on fewer topics and thereby gaining detailed knowledge of issues. Furthermore, the notion of teamwork plays an important role in the way of teaching at Bond University. Mainly group works with final presentations were demanded by lecturers. These groups consisted of international as well as local students. The differentiation in used methods of teaching accelerated the intercultural relationships and diversity further.

In this way, I firstly gained a network of international friends and subsequently travelled with them to close and also to distant destinations. For example, I did a road trip through the southern part of the Australian outback together with friends from university and my brother. During the beginning of our trip we purchased a young timer Mercedes-Benz E230 (manufactured in 1986) in Brisbane. With this special car we drove for ten days straight through the outback, experiencing adventures and beautiful sceneries .

Generally speaking, a long journey never goes without problems. Because we passed many dirt and sand roads, many particles damaged the incorporated air filter of our car. For this reason we faced serious problems with the air filter, which actually was not from MANN-FILTER or any other associated brand of MANN+HUMMEL, in the middle of the desert. Nevertheless, this amazing journey was one of the most breathtaking experiences I have done so far.

The interesting culture of Australia, the extremely friendly and open-minded people and the gorgeous scenery are just a few highlights Australia has to offer. During the course of the five month long semester abroad, I did not only meet other international students but also formed close and live-long friendships.

For example, my Canadian flat mate visited me this spring in Stuttgart and I am sure that I will visit him in close future as well.

The individual development in terms of cultural understanding, maturity and the binding need to explore the world and its different cultures had been possible by simply spending time abroad. Therefore, I can only highly encourage people, to take this chance, to just say yes to this wonderful experience and to actively convince others to do so as well.

Currently, I´m conducting an internship in the Argentinian plant of MANN+HUMMEL, with the aim to improve my international competencies. In a little  while, you will be able to read a blog article about my experiences in MANN+HUMMEL Argentina.