Following the merit ceremony we recently held, the Grand Opening Ceremony of MANN+HUMMEL Thailand’s 4,000 square metre production and distribution centre took place on 3 September 2015. Over 100 people – suppliers, customers, business partners and government officials – attended the event in Rayong, south-east of Bangkok, to inspect the facilities and join in the celebration.

Our guests were welcomed by our management, Mr Josef Parzhuber, Mr Claude Mathieu, and Mr Manfred Wolf. The opening speeches thanked everyone for their attendance and support over the past months with the development of the plant. It was explained that the factory in Thailand had been built to service the ever-growing Thai market as well as the cluster of car manufacturers in the Country.

Performing the Sabat Chai to welcome our guests

To mark the Grand Official Opening of the factory, MANN+HUMMEL management cut the ceremonial ribbon. Our guests and staff then enjoyed the Sabat Chai – a ceremonial dance which features drums which hang on double wooden bars and acrobatic dancing. Originating from the north of Thailand, the Sabat Chai used to be performed before going into battle. The drums were beaten to intimidate the enemy and the dance was performed to motivate the troops. Of course, we live in a peaceful society now but the acrobatic and agile performance at the Grand Opening Ceremony was both exciting and motivational for us all.

Afterwards, we divided our guests into small groups to give them a short guided tour of the factory. The tour included visits to the factory floor, the quality department, and the technical department. The tours were conducted in Thai by my colleagues, but we also had a tour in English for our foreign visitors. MANN+HUMMEL team members then joined our guests in the canteen for a small reception which was a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

Looking forward to a great future

With production facilities now officially open, MANN+HUMMEL Thailand is in a first class position to service our customers within our home market as well as across the region and overseas. We have noticed that the trend for manufacturers is to source components for air cleaner systems and intake manifolds for passenger cars and trucks locally. My colleagues and I look forward to continuing the MANN+HUMMEL commitment to customer satisfaction in the important and growing ASEAN region.