Lesjak participated in the "Ludwigsburger Citylauf" during his internship.

Alexander Lesjak and Thomas Jessberger at the “Ludwigsburger Citylauf”

I am writing this article as my six-month internship at MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg is drawing to a close. In just a couple of days and it my end of term holiday will start – which, of course, is a good thing. I already know that I am going to miss my colleagues and my work as an intern. My internship here since the beginning of March has been thoroughly positive. I worked on a project on thermal management in the oil circuit and a pressure regulating valve for crankcase ventilation. This has enabled me to gain valuable experience. On one of the projects I worked with a project partner from the Czech Republic who was only in Ludwigsburg for two months. All communications  with this collegue (including face-to-face and by phone or email)  took place in English which, on its own, was a worthwhile exercise.

Internship at MANN+HUMMEL: Fully integrated into the team

During my time here I have felt fully integrated into the team, and have been given a wide variety of tasks to deal with. This included communicating with other departments in MANN+HUMMEL and with external companies, creating designs using the CAD system, creating and programming (VBA) complex Excel spreadsheets, and documenting, processing and presenting the results. Because I had expressed a desire to do so, I was also able to participate in taking measurements on the roller and acoustic test bench. I was able to gain experience in an area that was not even included in my internship role but interested me personally. There are a few key points that characterise the entire internship. I did not feel I was an intern, but a fully-fledged team member with my own tasks and personal responsibility. I was able to work independently, but knew that I could turn to my mentor and the other team members at any time. I know from my fellow students that this is by no means the case in all internship positions. In my case it was, of course, the best way to motivate me as an intern and involve me in what was going on. I felt involved all the time when I was at MANN+HUMMEL.

Carried along by team spirit

I was particularly surprised by the involvement of MANN+HUMMEL in leisure time activities. There were various sports groups and the annual Ludwigsburg City Run is also a fantastic event! It generated team spirit and a mood of optimism that I felt too – even though I had never run 10 km before. I think I did pretty well for someone who had run it for the first (but certainly not the last) time.

Hopefully it’s not goodbye forever

At MANN+HUMMEL you are taken on as an intern and as a “newcomer”, both figuratively and literally. The climate is open and friendly and you are made to feel welcome. I highly recommend the Strategic Product Development business unit at MANN+HUMMEL as somewhere to do an internship. It is also a plus that MANN+HUMMEL pays you a very reasonable salary as an intern. I am now going to say goodbye to MANN+HUMMEL, but hope that it will not be forever.