Judith Fustero at the spring clean dayThe coming of spring was celebrated at MANN+HUMMEL Wolverhampton  on 15th March 2014 with the second annual Spring Clean Day. MANN+HUMMEL Wolverhampton employees and their families were invited to “do a favour” to the environment and remove all the waste, which had accumulated in the green areas at MANN+HUMMEL Wolverhampton.

In these competitive days, most businesses include in their business strategy a statement on corporate social responsibility, which encourages the company and its employees to care for the environment. A big challenge for a business is to find alternatives methods of operation to become more “environmentally friendly”, such a new packaging solutions, recycling processes or saving energy systems. Many of these methods will never be applied due to high investment cost or lack of employee engagement.

At MANN+HUMMEL-Wolverhampton, we realised that the solutions was closer…People may throw waste between the tree and bushes surrounding the MANN+HUMMEL Wolverhampton plant, which will obviously damage the area. To cope with this situation, we created the Spring Clean Day, with the aim of creating awareness of the importance of protecting the environment by involving employees in the process. Dressed for the occasion, with high-visibility jackets and garden gloves, at 9.00 AM all participants were assigned in different areas around the building, such as car parking, chemicals or logistic. Brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows, grass rakes, waste containers; everything was ready to start the job. I was responsible for cleaning the parking area. My initial thoughts were…I never will complete this…How am I going to finish all the area in three hours? Then I saw the people around me making the effort to tidy the areas and I realised that working as a team, our plan will succeed. After three hours of teamwork, the job was done.

English BBQ at the spring clean dayIt is said that “there is little success where there is little laughter”; hence after our hard working morning, we tasted a well deserved English Barbeque, in which we had time to discuss our experience and enjoy a drink with colleagues. As all of us are busy during week, sometime there is not enough time to socialise with our colleagues. Therefore this was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better.

The Spring Clean day is a “win-win” solution for the environment and for the MANN+HUMMEL-UK employees; that is why I would like to invite you to participate next year. It is for the good of the environment because we remove all the harmful contaminants from the earth and employees are aware of the environmental conditions, interact with each other and engage with the business. Additionally, we can spread the message to those colleagues, who could not attend and ask them respectfully to co-operate by simply throwing waste in the bins provided.