Long Jinbao, a normal Mulao country boy, came into our sight because of family difficulties: his father died at the beginning of 2012 due to a sickness; his mother and younger brother were both badly affected by a mental disease; his grandma is over 60. Those were all family members left in the world of Long Jinbao when he was 11 years old.

Even in the remote mountainous area, his home was considered to be in the most difficulty. In one of his letters to us, Long Jinbao wrote about how he tried to deal with all the difficulties on his own: “I have to get up early to make breakfast for my mom and younger brother before I go to school; at noon, I go home to do laundry, and then go back to school after that; the 1st thing I’ve got to do after classes which are over in the afternoon is to run back home to put everything into order and then start cooking for supper. Gradually I get used to this life style. For my family, I love to devote myself into it…”

CSR award

All MANN+HUMMEL volunteers joining in the 1st CSR event in 2012 at Gongan Hope School were deeply moved by this kid and the heavy burdens on his young shoulders. We respect his independence and strength, but we feel we could do something to kind of ease the burden for this 11-year-old boy. The volunteers efficiently shared the kid’s story among all colleagues, and asked for donations for Long Jinbao. Within 6 months, over 18,000 RMB were raised throughout MANN+HUMMEL plants in China. The internal communication specialist of that time devoted himself into this donation event, and tried his best to well-arrange this donation fund for Long Jinbao. This fund is always well kept under tripartite management, and 200 RMB are sent from this fund to cover Long Jinbao’s living cost every month. Now Long Jinbao has entered a junior middle school, and has a kind step-father for the last two years. Everything gradually turns better for him.

A group of CSR dream pursuers

The experience of this kid is a miniature of what our volunteers are trying to do for the kids in need. Not only the volunteers but also the company is very supportive in helping the group of young people. The company supports the volunteers offering various accompanying services for kids who are undergoing long-term treatment for fatal blood diseases like Leukemia. During our service procedures, the kids all had fun. The best part is that many parents like to share their good news about their kids’ treatment with us happily after we get familiar with each other. What happened to those sick kids are tragedies, but we try our best together with the parents to make life easier at those memorable service moments.

At the end of March, we were proudly listed in Jiading Top10 Youth Charity Projects, Nomination Awards, issued by Jiading District Committee of the Chinese Youth League & Jiading Young Volunteers Association. It is the recognition of our company’s devotion to CSR and also for achievements we have made during the past 5 years throughout all the plants in China.

A group of CSR dream pursuers

We believe the award from the local government is not an end; rather, a new start for us to make MANN+HUMMEL a more dedicated member of our local community. As Mr. Guo Peiyuan, a CSR expert has shared via the WeChat promotion of his company on May 20th: “CSR for a corporation is not only about charity and donation, but more important is to promote social welfare, to protect the environment and to improve people’s livelihood.” We are still on the way pursuing this dream!