Changchun OpeningAutumn becoming cooler, maples turning red, Changchun already has been a golden harvest picture magically. I took my parents to this beautiful Spring City, invited them to visit the MANN+HUMMEL Changchun (MCCN) new plant, and accompanied them to spend my first National Day in my working career.

From March to July in 2013, I was a practice student as the management assistant. After July, I became one member of MANN+HUMMEL employee family. More and more, I like the atmosphere of living and working here. I can still recall clearly what was like when the first time I came to this new plant. The MANN+HUMMEL green flags guided me toward the modern office building and spacious workshop, green lawn dotted with flowers, I felt breezy under blue sky……

MANN+HUMMEL Changchun plant opening ceremony

On September 27th, MANN+HUMMEL Changchun ushered in 10 year-old birthday and new plant opening ceremony. Many colleagues including me fought on the front line to prepare the celebration, witnessing MANN+HUMMEL people closely with powerful spiritual forces of unity and cooperation. On 26th evening, all of the team members of the new plant celebration project stayed late in company as if by prior agreement, checking throughout every detail carefully. On the big day with the sun’s first rays of dawn, we all put on the most beautiful smile and excitement to make final preparations for the celebration. How wonderful and beautiful to say we are in a team and to work together for one goal!
The word “filter” also means “Focus, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Excellence, Respect” which carries MANN+HUMMEL culture leading MANN+HUMMEL Changchun continuous progress and self-improvement . I love the culture here, I like the atmosphere here, and I will strive to grow with gratitude, create a better MANN+HUMMEL Changchun joining hand with all my colleagues!