The Uni Stuttgart motor racing team have been working closely with MANN+HUMMEL for many years. Ever since the first sponsorship contract was negotiated back in 2011, MANN+HUMMEL has been the team’s primary sponsor. This year, the team celebrates its 10th anniversary and we are delighted that MANN+HUMMEL has agreed to sponsor our anniversary events.

Long-term collaboration

MANN+HUMMEL’s sponsorship goes far beyond simple financial support.

In addition to supplying IT equipment and company cars to get the team from A to B, the company helps the team by producing specialist turned or milled parts.

Over the years, they have produced wheel bolts, suspension arm inserts, the steering housing and differential brackets, to name but a few examples. And this year has been no exception, with MANN+HUMMEL manufacturing the steering housing and wheel bolts, as well as laser sintered parts made of plastic. They also produced CFD simulations of the intake system and provided oil filters.

What’s more, our contacts at MANN+HUMMEL are always very happy to provide professional, expert advice about the industry. On 27 January 2015 they even held an exclusive information and career day for the team.

Racing team visit MANN+HUMMEL

The career day took place at MANN+HUMMEL’s headquarters in Ludwigsburg and included a detailed company presentation, followed by an impressive plant tour, which gave us an in-depth insight into the manufacturing process and how it is set up. It was particularly interesting to see the quality assurance process in action, as this is a top priority at MANN+HUMMEL.

After the tour, we were shown the different products that make up the company’s original equipment portfolio.

I personally found this talk especially interesting and informative, because I am responsible for designing the team’s intake system, which supplies the air to the motor. Every day, vehicle manufacturers fit their series models of all classes with thousands of ground-breaking MANN+HUMMEL products in this area, so there was a lot of useful information relating to my work.

One of my designs – an actuator for the active intake manifold – is also due to be produced by MANN+HUMMEL as a prototype this season, which will give me new options to increase the reliability of the engine.

On behalf of the whole team, I would once again like to thank MANN+HUMMEL for organising this fascinating day and for all their support over the years. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in future.