Happy Birthday MANN+HUMMEL BlogToday we are celebrating the first birthday of our blog! Exactly one year ago, on 11 July 2013, we pressed the ‘post’ button for the first time – and our blog “entered the digital world” with an entry entitled ‘Ready to launch’.

Unlike a personal blog, the journey from the initial idea to the first entry involved more than just a few clicks and a few first lines. Before we could really get started, we spent weeks preparing and coordinating. Right from the outset, employees were interested in writing blog entries but there was still a lot of uncertainty. What will the readers be interested in? How should I structure a story? How do I write clearly and without using technical jargon? That is why we, the blog editorial team, are there to help all our bloggers overcome their uncertainties and provide them with tips.

More and more of our colleagues from locations around the world are approaching us because they want to write a blog entry. If they prefer writing and publishing an article in their mother tongue we always try to support them by providing translations.

Over the past year, we have seen our blog grow: we now have more articles, more authors and, last but not least, more of you, our readers. Over 90 colleagues across the world have now told around 200 fascinating stories about life at MANN+HUMMEL – be it about the company’s own kindergarden in the Czech Republic, the exciting adventures of an intern in Shanghai or the experiences of a Mexican colleague in her managerial role.

Fans of technology are not left out either. What has the development of the cam belt cover got to do with metre-deep snow drifts? Why is filtration also key to the electromobility industry? And how do our acoustic engineers bring lost sound back?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many bloggers who have supported the blog by telling us their stories and offering everyone interested in MANN+HUMMEL a glimpse behind the scenes.

Finally, I would like to answer one question that people asked us before we started the blog and have continued to ask ever since. Why did we set up a blog in the first place rather than a just a simple social network page, for example on Facebook? Our company blog has the advantage that the data is stored on our own server, meaning that we retain all the rights to the original blog contents. (Did you know that when you post content on social networks, the rights for that content are transferred to the network? The content is then subject to the terms and conditions of the network operator, which change frequently. This cannot happen to us with our blog.) Another advantage of the blog is that our entries can be as long as we like and we are free to choose the layout. One further crucial advantage is that all our articles are public; every internet user can read them without restrictions, comment on them and share them. It is not necessary to log in to a social network to do this.

That said, this does not mean that we are restricted to our blog alone. Variety is the spice of life and by linking our blog entries to a range of social media channels, we are increasing the number of people our articles reach.

If you would you like to receive regular notifications about our new blog entries in future, you can subscribe to our blog RSS feed or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. We look forward to you commenting on our pages,and retweeting and favouriting our tweets.

We would of course also be delighted to welcome any new bloggers!   🙂

Your blog editorial team