I have followed the development of one of MANN+HUMMEL’s most successful products – the Europiclon – from the very beginnings. I have now been at the company for over 30 years, but I can remember my first day as if it were yesterday. We still used conveyor belts back then. I used to clear the conveyors and sort the parts. It was my family connections that brought me to the company. My brother, sister, and sister-in-law also work at MANN+HUMMEL, and are still here today.


The Europiclon – a big success

When I was asked whether I would like to work on the production of the new Europiclon filter, I immediately accepted. I was very interested in taking part in the project. I can remember the initial situation very well. Back then, we were working with very small quantities, perhaps 50 to 100 pieces in the 300, 400, and 500 series.

But one thing led to another; the Europiclon was really well received by customers and it’s incredible how its production numbers soared. I would never have imagined that the Europiclon would become such a big success.

We recently produced the three millionth Europiclon filter. Since I was working here when the first ever piece was made, I was asked whether I’d like to operate the machine used to produce this benchmark filter. Of course, I was rather excited by that – as you can perhaps see in the photos. The ceremony which followed was great. Our managers found just the right words as they looked back on this success story.

Three million Europiclon filters

I am proud to have followed the Europiclon throughout its development – from its origins to the production of its three millionth sample. I was at a festival in Iggelheim recently, where I live, and I saw some Bulldog tractors and thought, ‘My work has gone into that! You made it!’ That’s a great feeling. And I must admit that I feel rather proud when I look at farming machines in the fields, knowing that they have been fitted with the Europiclon as well.

I have now been at MANN+HUMMEL for nearly 32 years. I have never contemplated leaving. Despite its size, the company has kept its family ties. My brother has been here for 40 years, my sister for 26 years and the parents of many staff also once worked in the company. My children are still too young at right now, but if, at some point, my daughter were to work here and continue this tradition, I would be very proud. Who knows where they’ll be in 30 years’ time?