Although I have played basketball for many years, I didn’t initially plan to manage the organisation of an international tournament. I didn’t think about all the items that had to be taken into account (for example the duration of each match, how many referees are needed, lunch time organisation, hotel, bus…) That soon changed when I became involved with the organisation of the 4thInternational Basketball Tournament of MANN+HUMMEL.

Basketball Players

The 4th International MANN+HUMMEL Basketball Tournament took place in France this year.

How it all began

It all started four years ago in Germany with a small tournament between German players and a Bosnian team. Our Human Resources Manager, Laurent Berraud, told me about it and about the wish of the MANN+HUMMEL Group to open the tournament to other countries and bring people together. Then we took the opportunity to participate. Thus the first “International MANN+HUMMEL Basketball Tournament” was arranged in Bosnia in 2012 with teams from Spain, Germany, France and of course Bosnia. Following this huge success, it was decided to continue the tournament in other countries. The next event took place in Saragossa in 2013, and in France this year. As you can imagine, it was a pleasure for my planning partner Aurélie Pasquier and me to organise the event weekend in our country. This time we even made it possible for the Chinese team to join the Tournament in France as a fifth basketball team.

Basket China

This year even the Chinese team joined the Tournament.

 A chance to meet each other

Company sports events are great opportunities to meet new people as well as colleagues that we already know from work. That is one of the most important objectives of the MANN+HUMMEL Basketball Tournament.

Particularly people who work in factory or production have fewer chances to get to know colleagues in other areas or countries. The International Basketball Tournament is a great event to make these international contacts and to gain insight into other units within the company.

basketball team

The International MANN+HUMMEL Basketball Tournament was a great chance to meet new people and colleagues from all over the world.

Baskteball game

Great sportsmanship and thrilling games at the 4th International MANN+HUMMEL Basketball Tournament.

Baskteball, fun and sightseeing

We decided to let all members from different countries stay together in one place so the people could spend their time together. There are of course language barriers at one point or another but that doesn’t matter because at an event like this, you have fun just doing sports together. And we had an exciting weekend with great sportsmanship and thrilling games.

On Saturday morning we first took the opportunity to visit the MANN+HUMMEL plants, so that everyone got to know how the French colleagues work. Although the sports program on Saturday and Sunday was tough, we also had plenty of opportunities to get to know each other better: in a relaxing atmosphere with cocktails and good music or at the city tour through Laval.

It took a lot of time and effort to organise this event but I think it was a great success. I’ve seen a lot of pictures from other players and I think they all enjoyed the Tournament as much as I did. Next year, we were delighted to learn that the basketball tournament story will continue and will take place in Marklkofen, Germany. I’m certainly looking forward to it.