HR work at the Marklkofen location has undergone some fundamental change since the 1980s and 90s. Whilst most of its work was once centred on local HR management, the HR business partner is now active throughout the Group as a strategic partner, giving advice to the company’s management.

With around 3000 employees, Marklkofen is the largest production site in the MANN+HUMMEL Group. In order to meet the demands of modern HR management, the implementation of a group-wide HR business partner model is one of the focal points of the HR department at Marklkofen. The HR business partners are responsible for the strategic integration of HR matters into corporate decisions as well as managing all the operational HR-related processes.

HR business partners act in a customer-oriented manner within their internal market, providing HR services such as HR planning and consultancy, recruitment, personnel development, change management and qualification. The HR business partners also alert the management to essential HR-related processes and guidelines. As partners to the senior management, they are members of the MANN+HUMMEL management committees and thus play a part in determining the company’s strategic direction. Their responsibilities also include the relocation of staff from the site to other subsidiaries abroad. By assuming this crucial role, the HR department adds considerable value to the company.

The scope of HR management is different now compared to what it was just a few decades ago, when the HR team’s role was mainly tied to a specific location and therefore, perhaps a little more independent. Nowadays, the Human Resources department is geared more towards the needs of the entire group. One of the focal points is to standardise processes, IT systems, documents and services, whilst another is to ensure thorough change management. After all, changes have come to be commonplace. A fundamental change in communication with customers and service providers has notably been brought about by a range of technical innovations. It is now normal for people to hold meetings together from different places and time zones.

Nevertheless, face-to-face communication remains essential for HR work, particularly at the site. Site-specific matters, such as drawing up and negotiating local company agreements or shift planning systems, remain part of the HR business partners’ everyday activities. Flexibility is an equally important topic nowadays given that order volumes are constantly fluctuating and job applicants now have far more rights vis-à-vis their future employers, particularly in respect of flexible working hours. Around 150 part-time work models are therefore, offered at the Marklkofen location. There is also a time account scheme and a wide range of flexitime models. Nearly a third of the approximately 3000 employees work on a part-time basis.

Training is another crucially important matter at the site. Since 1966, so for over 50 years, the Marklkofen site has been providing practical and needs-based training. This benefits both sides, as the production site acquires highly qualified employees, the apprentices have very good career prospects after completing their training. Every year, around 26 apprentices (mostly in manual trades) start their professional training in the site’s own training workshop: MANN+HUMMEL currently employs around 80 apprentices in Marklkofen.

The workplace health promotion scheme is now far more prominent than before ‘gesund@MANN+HUMMEL’ (healthyliving@MANN+HUMMEL) is the slogan adopted to help employees live a self-determined healthy life. Besides the offer of numerous preventive measures, including company sports, health courses and awareness campaigns, the employees’ needs are carefully considered in the ergonomic layout of the workplace. As a result of demographic change, the everyday work of the HR business partners is being influenced more than ever by demographically induced requirements.

Due to the variety of functions served by the business partners, they make a significant contribution to ensuring that MANN+HUMMEL’s plant in Marklkofen will continue to deserve to be called ‘A Great Place to Work’ in the region.