Geocaching with MANN+HUMMELI’ve been a keen geocacher for many years now. For all those muggles (or non-geocachers) amongst you, geocaching is like a modern scavenger hunt. All you need is a GPS receiver or a mobile phone app with compass and coordinate functions and you’re ready for your treasure hunt. Initial information regarding the general location of the ‘cache’ can be found on the website In order to get the exact coordinates and find the treasure you need to stay alert and solve a few puzzles and tasks along the way too.

Getting together for a geocaching group

geocaching with MANN+HUMMELA while ago I was chatting to my colleague Ms Rupp, and we decided to form a company sports group. We had often talked about geocaching and had realised that other colleagues were interested in it too. We weren’t mistaken; more than a dozen people responded to our notices at work and our post on the intranet and decided to sign up.

New members and experts are joining

We held our first geocaching day at the beginning of January. It really was an adventure. We met in the morning in the MANN+HUMMEL car park. Battling through sleet and hail, we embarked on a beautiful walk round the woods, searching high and low for eight caches. It was a great introduction for the beginners, but there were veterans in the group too, with over 1000 found caches already under their belt. In true professional style, these geocachers came equipped with GPS devices and plenty of experience, so next time we will be raising the difficulty level up a notch. We have our eyes on a multi-cache, which will be hard to crack, but we will see just what the group can do.

geocaching with MANN+HUMMEL

Geocaching appeals to a lot of people; you are out and about in the great outdoors and looking for treasure at the same time. Some time ago I told my supervisor Mr Holzinger about geocaching; the next time we talked he had already registered on the website and been on several treasure hunts. We are now thinking about hiding our own MANN+HUMMEL cache together. We need to check with our legal department first, but perhaps we could even make a multi-cache that involves a variety of puzzles and provides an insight into the company.

Geocaching for the whole family

Hiding a cache is a lot of fun. A while ago I hid a kids’ cache with my son. You simply have to take note of a few rules, hide your cache wherever you want and then post the coordinates on the website. Your post is then checked by a volunteer from the website who ensures the details are correct, carries out a test run searching for the cache and then makes it available to the public. We found a lovely area of forest overlooking a small valley; it really was a beautiful place. My son was really excited too, of course. Geocaching means that instead of staying cooped up in front of the television he is outdoors enjoying his natural surroundings and being active. Sometimes I give him the compass on my mobile phone and let him lead the way, which he really enjoys.

Geocaching 4

Geocaching has something for everyone. There are easy and difficult caches, routes for kids, for families and for adults. Some trips last only half an hour, whilst others can stretch out over 30 kilometres. All you need is a mobile phone app, sturdy shoes, and a love of being on the go, and you’re off.