IFAT is the world´s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. Just as MICRODYN-NADIR, the IFAT celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. During IFAT week – one event chased the other – a week full of highlights! Everything started as usual: arrival on Sunday for official booth acceptance. Everything great so far. All brochures and utensils stored and placed so I could easily finish my working day in Munich – already looking forward to a great start on the next day.

Monday, 8 a.m. sharp, our highly motivated team arrives at our booth A2 227. Last preparations done so everybody is excited to hear the 9 a.m. opening alarm and to welcome the first visitors. IFAT is our most important show and the ultimate platform to present the latest innovations.

A product symbiosis of a special kind  

The week started with the first highlight. On Monday May 30th we officially presented our joint masterpiece which we developed together with company HUBER – the new VRM® module with a total membrane area of 9200 m2 per module.

But what is so special about this module besides the fact of being the world´s largest MBR module? HUBER´s rotating system now uses our unique membrane laminate technology. This laminate technology is usually only being used in our BIO-CEL® modules. The membrane laminate technology distinguishes itself from other technologies by making our MBR modules backwashable and providing them with a self-healing mechanism. Moreover, the laminate allows for excellent and extremely reliable effluent quality. With this product symbiosis we definitely made ground breaking progress in MBR technology.

SMART. SAFE. and SIMPLE. – The BIO-CEL® success story continues

Also at our MICRODYN-NADIR booth we had news to present to our visitors. The BIO-CEL® L. This product is not really an innovation but rather a new step forward in the BIO-CEL® evolution. The BIO-CEL® is our submerged membrane module for membrane bioreactors based on flat sheet membrane laminate. Starting with 10 m2 per module back in the days, we launched our BIO-CEL® XL with 1920 m2 membrane area per module at IFAT 2014. For the initial BIO-CEL® types we used individual membrane cassette configurations and PVC frames. But with the XL module we eliminated the PVC frames and integrated four membrane arrays into one stainless steel frame. This design change allowed for a significant increase in stability and packing density per module. The resulting XL design success story led us to offer the smart features of the BIO-CEL® XL with a membrane area of 480 m2 per module.

Half a century MICRODYN-NADIR – This needs to be celebrated!

After already being on everyone´s lips on Monday, our second highlight followed on Tuesday:

Our 50th anniversary needed to be celebrated accordingly. After the official closing of the “Trade Show Tuesday” our party started. Our band from Munich „Flat Out“ played the best of their repertoire, from Rock´n Roll to Twist – there was something for everybody. The music of the 60´s was played loudly and our guests were dancing! To not have our guests run out of energy Bavarian Tapas (snacks) were served as flying buffet together with some delicious local tapped beer.

With more than 150 guests our booth was crowded and the party a great success!

After hosting this great birthday party we were full of energy and excited to master the rest of the week successfully. Interesting delegations from all over the world, many promising inquiries, more qualified leads then ever and a lot of fun!

This is what a trade show needs to be like – IFAT was again a highlight!