“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…” January 29th, 2016. All employees from MANN+HUMMEL Changchun  got  together celebrating MANN+HUMMEL 75 year anniversaries and Chinese Spring Festival. Mr. Li Songbai and I, the moderators of this event, were standing on the stage, watching our General Manager Mr. Schuster Philippe and Deputy General Manager Mr. Li Shuyang hands in hands cutting the 75th birthday cake and shared it with everyone. We sang, we smiled, we cheered, and we wish MANN + HUMMEL all the best!  I had no chance to experience MANN+HUMMEL in the past years, while I am so honored to continue going on with her flying and soaring after 75 anniversaries. Feeling the touched moment, I can’t help to recall my first time being a moderator

That day was 27th September in 2013. I just graduated from University in July the same year. On the special day of company‘s 10-year-old birthday, MANN+HUMMEL Changchun would hold a big event to celebrate the new plant opening. There were respected guests invited to the celebration: big bosses flied in from Europe who I have no chance to say Hello in daily work, as well as many representors from customer side, supplier side and government side. I could never imagine that I could be a moderator for such a big event one day. After all, I never hosted any party, meeting, and even small activities before. And this time I was asked to speak in totally English all the time. Carry with the pressure, my partner Mr. Qi Feng and I got started to prepare by the encouragement from Chairwoman of Labor Union, Ms. Yu Meiyan. To be honest, I had absolutely no experience on MC script, clothes, what should be paid attention on stage to, what if I said something wrong. I  had to ask for support from Shanghai Marketing Department. Everyone of them did help me with patience.

New plant opening ceremony

Ms. Teng Junhui came to us on event site to help modify MC scrip and to optimize the event process, to teach me how to act my posture once she ground from the plane. Maggie and Tanna shared their experience with me for press briefing and helped with everything to release me. I felt warm in my heart and more confident than ever before. On that real big day, standing on the stage, what I could feel most was the encouragment from all the bosses and enthusiasm from my colleagues. Before the event started, maybe I was not ready. But once I saw the cheering atmosphere, the smiling faces, the feeling of being a team and family, I told myself that I can do it. Finally, I did it! We did it! Even, I had already forgotten the nerves, and fully enjoyed the event with everyone else.

Family Day

Later after the first time being a moderator, I took part in many company activities such as the Hiking Event, Family Day, Spring Festival Celebration and etc. as a moderator in succession. I overcame the fear and tension. I didn’t escape, but bravely stood on the stage to complete the task. There are too many “first times” in life, such as the first stage, the first speech etc. Perhaps the first time is often not perfect, maybe even the worst time, while your life will also become brilliant and more perfect next time due to the first time.

Hiking in Moon Lake Park 2

All these celebrations and activities left countless memories, letting me truly step from the campus into the society. Gradually, I found my confidence with calm and felt no more nervous. I know that colleagues’ encouragement built my confidence. Without them, without our team, without the pressure, pushing and encouraging from MANN+HUMMEL to be a moderator for the very first time, I could have never find out that I can do something like this. MANN+HUMMEL provide various platforms for employees and give us opportunities to seek for ourselves, to find out what we can be capable of. Such impossibility that we think in the past could become a possibility.

Nowadays, people always find many excuses that they are too busy and have no time for trying out new things. We often naturally refuse to challenge the impossible. I think if we once try it, we already make 0% possibility to a bigger percentage. Then we may be competent one day. Hope you, my dear colleagues, can find a new you, in a new world, in a new MANN+HUMMEL!