One of the biggest reasons why I will look back on the last 6 months with so many fond memories is because of how much work we managed to pull in such a short period of time. There certainly are no days off in start-up life!

When all five of us started this adventure back in June, we had no idea how much we would have to pull through as a team. After a nerve-wrecking selection process we finally made it as the final five of the second batch of the Incube program. From Ludwigsburg to Berlin, from Hong Kong to Singapore all paths led us back to Sunnyvale California to discover the ultimate start up environment.

Streametric  Plug and Play

The Plug and Play Tech Center has been our second home. Coming here every day is the best way to understand why MANN+HUMMEL made an assertive bet on a bold project like Incube. Innovation is crucial to an organization’s long-term success and Silicon valley’s fast-paced environment accelerated our progress.

Our own melting pot

Who are we? From Hyderabad to Mannheim, we are a worldwide mix of different cultural backgrounds and work experiences coming up together to find MANN+HUMMEL’s best innovation opportunities. We are a diverse team; composed of 2 Germans, 2 Indians and 1 French-Mexican who originally worked in different locations around the globe bringing our own talents to the group.

  • Kerstin Niederle: Kerstin comes from our Speyer branch. With her extensive 8-year experience in Purchase and negotiation, her willpower and consistency has helped us reach through potential network of customers.
  • Mohan BP: With his strong Engineering skills and also coming from MH Speyer, Mohan’s drive for excellence and pursuit of innovation are the key instruments that pushed the whole technology behind our idea.Berlin
  • Cecilia Fiani (that’s me, hi!): Coming from MH Mexico I have 5 years of experience in both Plant and Project Controlling. With an MBA in global business strategy and a marketing background I am wearing a lot of hats in the team – marketing, finance, technology, branding and customer.
  • Alexander Ubl: From Microdyn Nadir, Alex brings his expertise in water filtration. His personal determination and background in Project Management deeply helped us laying out all the core components of our Project.
  • Sreenath Kariveti: Last but not least, Sree’s all-encompassing experience in water filtration was determinant to pick the idea we are working on. Having first-hand practice in innovation while working for I-2-M, he’s not afraid to push himself to reach a higher level of achievement.

My experience with Incube has definitely encouraged me to take company culture into deep consideration: each team member is friendly, supportive, patient, and hard working. Redefining our roles and communication skills has been a success factor on learning how to be an efficient multitask team.

I have learned that the most visible attribute of triumph is that the team members respect what each other bring to the table.

Actions speak louder than words

Silicon Valley provides a nourishing environment for us with numerous mentors, networks, acquaintances and endless possibilities.


Around the clock events are our daily routine: deal flow sessions – a personalized introduction to corporate partners -, pitching events – a crucial platform for the community of investors- conferences and tech events – to get to know fellow startups and potential partners.

Consultants and coaches that focus on agile and team building help us to refine our methodology and the internal Incube board (composed of two MANN+HUMMEL executives and two external entrepreneurs) is also a great asset to our progress.

All of these were the perfect ingredients for our project to thrive. Quick and firm decision making matched by a team willing to give up corporate culture and adapt to a new start up environment for 6 months made us action oriented.

STREAMETRIC: Water efficiency

Most of our colleagues are not so familiar with the water filtration side of MANN+HUMMEL’s extensive portfolio.

While water is one of the most important resources, water filtration and reusability are becoming a mandate in all industries leading to the rising demand for water treatment systems.

However today a vast majority of these filtration infrastructures have not made a leap from analog to digital. Operators and system integrators still face issues such as poor communications, misuse of the system which also causes warranty issues and overall lack of know-how on how to better operate their system and reduce cost while doing so.


What do we do at Streametric? We address the need for a smarter water management. And how? Through a data driven platform for water treatment systems that offers real time 24/7 cloud monitoring and predictive maintenance to reduce downtime. We evaluate performance to reduce operational cost, warranty and assets management to operate at maximum efficiency. Our goal at Streametric is to bring the system integrators and engineer intelligence on the same platform. We want to bring machine learning to address the uniqueness of each system.

Our goal for the next few weeks is to come up with an attractive and commercially viable plan, so we can layout the future of Streametric to MANN+HUMMEL’s board.