As a fitting subject for the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 currently taking place in Hanover, I would like to draw attention in my blog article to a trend about which little has been written or said up to now. Namely the fact that the available installation space in commercial vehicles is also continuously decreasing. Fortunately, we already have fully developed air filter concepts at MANN+HUMMEL that offer the perfect solution to this problem.

Jörg Hammerschick demonstriert Filterkonzept für kleinen Bauraum

Special requirements for air filter concepts

Up to now, most people have assumed that there is unlimited space for air filters, air intake systems and other components in large commercial vehicles. However, this is no longer the case. Vehicles have become more compact and comfortable in recent years and a large number of exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems have been added. In addition, future changes in legislation will also have an influence on vehicle design and installation space. That is why I am even more pleased that we have succeeded in developing adaptable air filter concepts that allow us to optimally utilise the increasingly limited installation space in trucks.

We recognised the need to adapt to the changed conditions very early on. In addition to the classic round filters, we can therefore now offer the two newly developed filter system concepts EXALIFE and VarioPleat for vehicles with restricted installation space. This means that a large number of different installation positions are possible even in tight spaces.

Ideal for flat spaces: EXALIFE air filters

In my opinion, the new EXALIFE air filters represent an extremely interesting development. Thanks to their oval and conical shape, they are ideal for narrow, flat installation spaces, such as mounting behind the cab. In the typical American long-bonnet trucks, they are located above the engine under the long bonnet. Other advantages of this concept include the lower pressure loss and the reliable sealing concept familiar from round filters.

Like many others; I am fascinated by our innovative VarioPleat air filter concept. For me, this is a real highlight. Thanks to our globally unique production technology, we can now produce pleats with a height of up to 300 millimetres. That in itself is a minor sensation. This is complemented by a degree of pleat height variability that is unique on the market. As a result, the filter element can be ideally adapted to the available installation space and contours, e.g. in wheel arches. Both gradual transitions and pleat steps are possible. Independently of the form, this means that we can more easily accommodate a large filter surface area in the available space. The pressure loss also is more than respectable in comparison with other familiar concepts for compact installation spaces.

If sufficient installation space is available, a tried and tested alternative is still available in the form of classic round filters. This filter design naturally requires more space for installation and servicing, but it really offers outstanding performance in terms of dust holding capacity and pressure loss. This means improved engine efficiency and lower fuel consumption. Our classic air filter also offers another advantage: here we have the option of designing the filter as a Piclon air filter with integrated dust pre-separator. This is an inexpensive solution particularly for applications with a high dust load.

HammerschickThe best thing would be for you to take a look yourself at the alternatives to the previously usual air filter position centrally under the cab or on the chassis. For this purpose, we have set up a special presenter at the MANN+HUMMEL stand at the IAA. In addition to the VarioPleat and EXALIFE concepts, this also shows a Piclon air filter positioned vertically in front of the wheel. Filter installation on the chassis is, of course, also possible. I look forward to interesting conversations with you on this subject!