We, Christian Kocksch, Lead Product Engineer for fuel and urea filters, and Dominic Burgstahler, Product Manager for liquid filters, have been involved in the development of the PreLine with built-in e-pump from the very beginning. In our blog post we discuss the versatility of the pump as well as the pros and cons of working in an international project team.

PreLine with built-in e-pump

Over the last few months, together with colleagues from all over the world, we have developed a filter system with a built-in e-pump. The electric pump supports the fuel injection system in diesel engines and offers various advantages for operators of construction and agricultural machinery.

Even though our customers asked for just one function, we have now managed to cover three different applications with just one product. Initially, the e-pump was just supposed to replace the hand pump. When, for example, farmers change the filter on their tractor, they need to fill the replacement part with fuel. Until now they have done this manually using a hand pump. With the e-pump, however, this process is made much easier, especially in hard-to-reach installation spaces. But that’s not all: the PreLine with built-in electric pump also vents the lines to the engine even during the preheating time, i.e. immediately before the engine is started. As a result, the engine’s starting performance is significantly improved.

If the pump runs continuously, it ensures that the engine is stable at all times, even under extreme or intense operating conditions.

Making everyday work easier

The PreLine with built-in e-pump will be showcased for the first time ever at Agritechnica, since it not only makes everyday work easier for owners of construction machinery but farmers too. Let’s take a combine harvester as an example: during harvest time the machinery is pushed to maximum capacity but then sits idle for several months until the next harvest. If air gets into the fuel system during this time, for example through the tiniest of leaks in the injectors, all of the fuel will run back into the tank. In the worst case, the farmer will not be able to get the machine or the engine to start again. In such cases, the PreLine with built-in e-pump vents the system immediately after ignition allowing the combine harvester to start every time. This saves time, money and headaches.

Since we want to market this product to customers all over the world, an international project team was set up right from the very start. The product was developed in Speyer with support from colleagues in India and China.

This international approach is a must and also an excellent opportunity when it comes to serving the global markets in the best possible way. Nonetheless, getting an international team to reach a consensus on anything is no mean feat. There is certainly always room for improvement, as anyone who simply thinks, “I have explained it so it must all be under way by now…” will definitely come unstuck. Intercultural understanding and joint target-setting are key to the success of a project.

International project teams are, and will continue to be, challenging: you hardly ever see each other, you only ever ‘meet’ each other over the phone or in a video-conference and you don’t know how your colleagues work. Agreeing and coordinating everything always takes time but also broadens employee´s and the company’s horizons.

Check out the advantages of the PreLine with built-in e-pump at our stand at Agritechnica in Hanover from 12 to 16 November 2013 in hall 01 at stand E300.