I write this blog as my two-week internship at MANN+HUMMEL is coming to an end. This internship started off as a requirement in order to successfully complete my Grade 10 but I considered this opportunity to be able to do an internship in my area of interest at a young age as bliss.

So much in just two weeks!

My internship was in the Material Development Department which is a part of the R&D in the headquarters of MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg. Here the environment was open and friendly which always made me feel welcome. The best part was my supervisor, Mrs. Nadine Dietsch. From the first day where she showed me around the office and introduced me to the colleagues to the very end, she was always there to guide me. Her coordinated schedule gave me the chance to work in different sections of the lab each day with different people. This increased my chances to learn more in the short span. From Filter media, Residue Analysis Lab, Elastomer, PUR Testing to SEM and IR Spectroscope, I got to work with it all. Thanks to Mrs. Dietsch. I also got a tour in the Air filtration lab and the fuel filtration lab. That’s right, so much in just two weeks!

internship at MANN+HUMMEL

Developing new skills

The job offered me a lot of variety and made each day engaging. It fascinated me when I learnt how so many different devices worked. Hence, I was highly motivated to learn and enthusiastic to take new tasks. I found myself grasping so much information in so less time, as against school. If not for this internship I don’t think I would have known how cool liquid nitrogen is, literally and figuratively! This wide variety gave me a great way to apply my knowledge and grow as a student.

Since, I got to work with a lot of people, I also learnt how to be adaptive, tactful and understanding. I would like to thank everybody for taking time out of their schedule for sharing their knowledge with me and for engaging me with fruitful tasks. And how can I forget, thanks to all for communicating in English for me and also for encouraging me to speak in German at times.

Material Development Department

Aiding in career decision

Anything to do with mechanics and chemistry interests me just as much as indulging in solving global issues for my nation by collaborating with others in organizations like UN. With such distinct paths in my head, I took this internship as an opportunity to aid my career decision.

Working here has made me realize that the world is filled with problems that demand solutions. Thus, this internship bridged the classroom learning to real-life application for me. I also realized that choosing this path would give me an equal chance to use my reasoning mind and solve issues for my nation as representing my country in the UN would. Talking to many colleagues made me understand that all these people here also had a similar mind-set in terms of their interests and needs. This was reassuring and motivating. This internship has given me a clear and realistic insight into a job in this field. And I truly enjoy this.

Material Development Department

If you are a student at school, who is looking to experience something different and more enriching than just school learning, I encourage you to do an internship here. From the other students at school, I have been given the advice to keep the expectations low. But if you are doing an Internship at the Material Development Department in MANN+HUMMEL, I can vouch that you can expect for a fun and exciting stay that will be nothing close to monotony and boredom! I am really glad to be leaving MANN+HUMMEL with a sense of accomplishment and with valuable and memorable experience.