Recently, Aleksandar Lesjak (formerly an intern in my division) published a blog post, which I was very happy about. He wrote an endorsement for my division and myself, his supervisor.

Thomas Jessberger has supervised Alexander Lesjak.


Encouraged by his praise, I would say that in the “strategic product development” division we generally offer extremely attractive internships for students from disciplines such as mechanical engineering, precision engineering, and materials engineering.

I believe that our internships are better than many of those offered by the big name companies in the region; yet these big names always receive many more applications, even from the best students. We could sit back and not fight to get the best and brightest – after all, we may never be as famous or as cool as a leading sports car manufacturer – or we can try and impress the students and convince them to come to us.

Development opportunities

With my blog contribution I would like to do just that, and encourage all potential interns to apply for the internships advertised on our homepage!

Our internships are certainly not designed to be a relaxing holiday for stressed-out students. But what I can say is that we offer an unusual amount of personal responsibility, variety, and development opportunities. The fact that our internship salaries are attractive and our working environment is praised by all former interns can’t be bad either. As a cross-sectional division, which deals with the optimisation of MANN+HUMMEL’s extremely diverse products, we probably have an easier task than other divisions within the company. We deal with innovations that can be implemented quickly and which can be packaged into nice, manageable sets of tasks, which are perfect for internships. Aleksandar Lesjak’s experience is proof of that.

Often our interns leave a great impression: I am proud of the fact that we recently submitted a patent application which also featured the name of one of our interns.

Using our strengths

Many of the advantages mentioned don’t just apply to the “strategic product development” division but to the whole of our company. MANN+HUMMEL is not your average internship provider; we take a personal interest in our protégés and put their strengths to good use – for example the research skills of the internet generation. It’s time for that message to get through. So if you’re a student looking for the right internship, look no further! Apply to MANN+HUMMEL today!