Innotrans TeamFollowing a project based on teamwork typical of MANN+HUMMEL, we are presenting our newly developed cabin filters for railway vehicles to the public for the first time at the InnoTrans trade fair. Our new MANN-FILTER product is the result of a collaboration stretching across departments and locations, led by our three top dogs: Christopher Jeblick from Product Management, Thomas Pemsel as Project Manager and Robert Wolf from railway vehicles Sales.

Within a year, we managed to apply the expertise MANN+HUMMEL has within the automotive sector to cabin filters in railway vehicles. Unlike passenger cars and agricultural and construction machinery, when it comes to trams, underground and overground trains and long-distance trains, our main focus has to be the strict safety requirements for passenger transportation, with particular focus on fire prevention, as well as greater volume flows.

Our cabin filters: long service life, quick way of replacing

MANN-FILTER filtersIn railway vehicles, it is necessary to have cabin filters to maintain the required air quality in the cabin and the driver’s cab and to protect the air conditioning systems from contamination at the same time. By achieving filter class M5 in accordance with EN779, our filters meet, and in fact exceed, the cleanliness requirements prescribed by VDI6032 for the railway sector. However, another high priority for passenger transportation is fire prevention. This is why our elements are certified for fire prevention and meet the new European railway standard EN 45545.

The biggest selling point of our cabin filters, however, is the advantages they offer over conventional filter mats available on the market. The large filter surface area of MANN+HUMMEL’s folded filter elements makes it possible for the service life to be up to twice as long. Furthermore, the procedure for replacing them is quick, easy and clean, meaning that maintenance is a breeze.

Compared to the complex process of changing filter mats, MANN-FILTER elements allow huge savings to be made on time and make maintenance cheaper and more efficient, which in turn means train downtimes are kept to a minimum and operating costs to be borne by the operator are ultimately reduced.

High quality materials for high quality filters

For the design of our cabin filters, we have developed a flexible component construction kit, which has various media, framework materials, seals and gaskets at the ready – all checked and certified in line with the applicable standards for railway vehicles. This means we are able to design filters that meet the requirements of each individual customer. We select a suitable medium, flexibly adapt the height and width of the filter to the available installation space and choose a suitable sealing concept. In the case of larger installation spaces and volume flows, there is also the possibility of combining several filters with one another. An option for the future is to use filter elements with activated carbon media, which adsorb odours and harmful gases in addition to particles.

During this project, we especially enjoyed the outstanding and efficient collaboration between different locations and departments, from Advanced Development and Production to Product Management, Sales and Project Management. The highly technical focus surrounding the railway industry inspired our creative and technical work, as did the positive feedback we received on the market for our design.

The project team

In 2011, Christopher Jeblick joined MANN+HUMMEL from the Kaiserslautern University of Technology as an Industrial Engineer and now works as a Product Manager in the field of industrial filtration for cabin filters and crankcase ventilation. Thomas Pemsel studied Materials Science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and has worked as a Project Manager and Developer for advanced development projects in the field of cabin filters and technological issues since 2011. Robert Wolf has worked as a Mechanical Engineer for two decades, completed a postgraduate course in B2B Marketing and, for the past three years, has looked after customers from the rolling stock sector as a Key Account Manager.