Today’s urban children are really happy. They go out in cars, always have new clothes and often have great times in large playgrounds and parks. However, we, who live in cities, may have not noticed such a group of children – they are children, but their parents have left the countryside to work in cities, so that they have to stay with their old grandparents at home in rural areas. Some children are only six or seven years old, but have to take care of their younger brothers or sisters. Sometimes they can meet their parents only once a year. They all have the same name – left-behind children.

There is a group of special left-behind children like Yu’miao Primary School in Machen Town, Huaiyuan County, which is more than one hour ride from our MANN+HUMMEL Bengbu plant. We had always considered how to take care for these children. After a lot of communication, a team consisting of 10 members including several volunteers from Bengbu plant and some colleagues from MANN+HUMMEL Shanghai, started off in the early morning of November 2 2016. Though it was already a little cold and the way was quite bumpy and muddy, the volunteers did care and all they wanted was to see those children as soon as possible.

When the volunteers arrived at the school, teachers and children were waiting in the classrooms. These left-behind children, children from six or seven years old to teenagers, studied in different grades. They seemed more mature and sensible than other children of the same ages. They were waiting quietly, blinked eyes from time to time, and looked at us curiously. After a brief introduction, everybody started to interact with others. The children rushed onto the platform and tied red scarves for us. And we gave schoolbags printed with the MANN+HUMMEL logo to the children. The children liked these new schoolbags very much. Some touched the schoolbags gently with smiles on their faces, some opened the packages in hasted and put the schoolbags on their shoulders, and some lifted up the schoolbags and expressed their gratitude to us.

Later, the children and we became familiar with each other. All the people got together and chatted. “Who do you live with?” ”Where do your parents work?” in the interaction, one could tell that these simple children really needed their parents by their side. A girl could not help crying in the arms of a female volunteer, as she really missed her mother who worked in another place. “Boys and girls, you can write down whatever you want to.” Under the guidance, the children wrote down or drew their gratitude, blessing or wishes on the loving stickers. “Don’t get too tired, Daddy.” “I want to buy a pair of presbyopia glasses for my Grandma.” “I want to have dinner with my parents.”…the wishes from the bottom of the children’s hearts were quite simple, but still hit the soul of everyone on site.


We, MANN+HUMMEL, have never stopped on the road of caring for children and fulfilling our social responsibilities by persisting on our original commitment. In Shanghai, our volunteers go to the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center once monthly or bi-monthly to visit the children who are seriously ill and spend unforgettable happy moments with them. Jiading plant and the Jiading Loutang School were jointly constructed from 2012 on. We contributed the fund from “Safety First Award” to establish science & technology & sports scholarship for these students. Nearly one hundred Shanghai employees used to claim more than 100 wishes from students of Loutang School and made all the wishes come true. Our colleagues in Liuzhou go to the Gong’an Hope School every year, giving school supplies to children, or fixing classrooms and equipping new desks and chairs for children. Our employees in each plant of MANN+HUMMEL China in Changchun, Ji’nan and Chongqing will also make their contributions to the community and the society with their own efforts. We believe that, through the volunteer activities of our employees, more and more people around us will join us. We hope the world is filled with love.