What were we focusing on in 2014 when planning social responsibility activities in MANN+HUMMEL China? The children! They are the future of the country, and the hope of the nation.

Social Responsibility activity for kids in China.

In our ‘Wish Tree’ event, we helped over 100 students from Loutang School to realize their various wishes. This school is near our Shanghai Plant, and around 80% of students there are from other provinces. They moved to Shanghai with their parents, who left their home towns for more profitable jobs in the city. Thus the children had to say ‘Farewell’ to their childhood homes, friends, familiar environment, etc., and resettled in the city where they knew nobody except for their own parents. What could be worse? Their parents were always too busy – less and less communication between the children and the parents; more and more pressure from the outside world – what a realistic cold world for these children!

Social responsibility activity ‘Hand in Hand’

This is also happening to the children at the Gongan Hope School located in Liuzhou, which is a two-hour drive away from our Liuzhou plant. Many children have been left in their home town by parents who have been forced by economic pressures to make money in the cities. Many parents have even separated because of repeated changes. To express our care and love for these children, our social responsibility activity ‘Hand in Hand’ was conducted here on 27th September. The four of us from Shanghai plant, on behalf of around 100 volunteers, together with over 20 colleagues from the local Liuzhou plant visited this Hope school, where we have organised social responsibility events continuously since 2012.

Social Responsibility Team

This year we called for contributions from our colleagues, and bought schoolbag sets for the children. As soon as we arrived at the school entrance, we were greeted by 98 curious and enthusiastic boys and girls. The kids, particularly the girls, were shy at first. They would then like to hug you to show their happiness after you played a round of games with them. We played games, shared candies, exchanged hugs and laughed happily; all the efforts were immaterial when we were surrounded by the happiest kids.

What are the most delicate creatures in this world? The kids! That’s why they need our care and love all the time. What are the strongest creatures in this world? The kids too! They will learn to face the world bravely as long as they are encouraged by us positively. Let’s put their little hands in ours, and encourage them to step bravely into the changing world!