The shooting for PS - das AutomagazinEven for us, members of the MANN+HUMMEL marketing department, it is far from daily business to shoot a real film. We usually don’t work with a camera worth 90,000 $. We do not have multiple spotlights pointed at our desktops. And we most certainly do not have a director following each and every step we make. So, yes, when the film crew yelled “Lights, Camera, Action!” it is safe to say we were pretty far from daily business.

But let us start from the beginning. It was a couple of months ago, when a TV production company approached the MANN-FILTER marketing department in Ludwigsburg. For a local TV show called “PS – Das Automagazin” the company planned to produce a short feature about pollen. To be more precise, the topic was ‘how to protect yourself from pollen’.

Some of you may think, wait, what is the point in asking the guys from MANN-FILTER regarding an issue like that? But when it comes to cars, that is exactly what we do. We protect our customers from pollen, toxic gases, etc. Actually, our cabin filters do. So when the production company asked for support, our answer was simply “OK. When do we start?”

Once we agreed on the collaboration, the next steps were interesting and new to most of us. Besides delivering background information about filtration, reading scripts, choosing locations to shoot, and asking people to volunteer in interviews were our main tasks. Once the script was ready, the locations were found, and the interview partners were convinced to step in front of a camera, the actual filming started.

Himmelkron – a little town in the north of Bavaria, birthplace of millions of MANN-FILTER cabin filters every year, was our location of choice. Emrullah Atilgan, product manager of cabin filters, and Joerg Zimmermann, production manager from Himmelkron, were the interviewees in front of the camera. The staff of the production company and two members of the marketing department completed the team.

“And action!” once we set up the interview area, we were ready to shoot. And the shot was really fun. Even though it took us more than 8 hours to get less than 4 minutes of usable footage, the time simply flew. An interview, detailed shots of the production lines,and the plant from the outside – once it was all in the box, it was time for the post production. Dubbing, cutting and editing is a job for the professionals, and so our next task was to buy popcorn and watch the result.

In late June the feature was aired on n-tv, a big German news channel.

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