What was the world of work like 20, 30 or even 40 years ago? And how do we work at MANN+HUMMEL today? These were the questions we asked retired and current staff from Ludwigsburg and Marklkofen to mark the occasion of the 75-year anniversary of the Group. What emerged was a series of interesting reports in which the retired staff reminisced about the ‘good old days’ while the current staff reflected mainly on changes that have taken place since the 1990s. Our new series of blog posts will launch here, on our corporate blog page, on. Stay tuned!

At the end of last year, we asked former staff who had already retired to tell us about the work they used to do at MANN+HUMMEL. We also asked current staff in equivalent positions today to describe their tasks and work from a current perspective. This has resulted in a series of blog posts packed with interesting insights, retrospectives and predictions, which show us just how much MANN+HUMMEL has changed in the past 75 years.

What can you expect from our blog series?

Well, for example, both the former and current Head of Purchasing, have given an account of the challenges they faced in their field, as well as what they were expected to achieve in their roles. Meanwhile, Developments at Marklkofen before and after the 90s, provide the subject matter for the blogs written by the first-ever Plant Manager and his 2016 counterpart. The current restaurant managers, tell us what makes a good staff restaurant today and how this compares to the 1970s and 80s. We also hear from a former Works Committee Chair – and get an idea of how employee representation works today. And much more !

Feedback required

At this point, I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our contributors, and particularly the retired staff, who, despite being no spring chickens, showed great willing in coming back to the company for a day to share their memories. We, the blog team, are intrigued to see how these ‘tales of yesteryear’ are received and what you as readers think about the differences and similarities between now and then. Please feel free to use the comment function here in the blog.


I myself have also noticed the constant state of transformation in which MANN+HUMMEL exists, even during the course of my time here: I started in the Group’s Purchasing team back in 2002. In those days, communication was usually by telephone, email or fax, whereas nowadays we ‘skype’ and ‘tweet’ each other around the world. I used to talk in German to most of my colleagues; nowadays I communicate in English almost every day; the variety of topics we discuss is also broader, and IT expertise is now indispensable.

There are new names for many of our tasks, many of which are pleasing-to-the-ear Anglicisms. As you will find out from the blog series, entry-level career paths have also changed: back in the days of the ‘Wirtschaftswunder’ (Germany’s economic miracle), you used to be able to join MANN+HUMMEL Germany with GCSE-level qualifications and start an apprenticeship, but nowadays the industry tends to require you to have an A-Level equivalent and a degree to join. The situation is so different now: young talent has to stand out from the crowd, for example by completing several placements abroad and having the right qualifications. Some things have become more impersonal because of internationalisation and the internet, while others have become more interesting and more cosmopolitan. It goes without saying, that my role here now is as much about communicating with my colleagues from other countries as with my colleagues here in Ludwigsburg. Feedback about our blog series from them will be particularly welcome!