Then look no further than Motorman Run! Motorman Run, held near Heilbronn, has around 1,100 competitors, making it a relatively small affair in comparison to more high-profile obstacle races such as ‘Tough Mudder’ or the ‘Fisherman’s Friend Strongmanrun’. That’s not to say that it can’t hold its own when it comes to fun though! Motorman Run is an ideal obstacle race to get your first taste of competitive racing, without having to endure extreme obstacles like electric shocks or plunges into icy water.

When one of my colleagues came to me last year to ask if I would join them in the Motorman Run, I said yes straight away. Since then, I’ve hardly been able to contain my excitement for the next Motorman Run in Neuenstadt am Kocher.

On Saturday 13 September, the day had finally arrived for me and the seven colleagues I had also managed to persuade to take part. Full of excitement and anticipation for what lay ahead of us, we approached the start line in our pristine, bright yellow MANN FILTER t-shirts; it soon became clear after the first few obstacles that they had no chance of staying that way! For example, there were river courses to cross, cable drums and hay bales to conquer, ditches and fire pits to jump and concrete pipes and tyres to crawl through. Before long we were caked in mud and soaked from head to toe.

Perseverance alone won’t get you very far when faced with 40 obstacles spread over 8 km – or 16 km for those doing two laps. Many of the obstacles can only be overcome with a certain level of fitness and good teamwork, so strength, courage and determination are also required, as well as stamina.

Motorman Run should not be underestimated, especially when running the 16 km course, but with regular endurance and strength training it is possible to master it. When, earlier this year, I managed to convince a couple of colleagues from the climbing club to take part in Motorman Run, it provided us with a great deal of motivation to get into shape. We made an effort to go climbing and jogging on a regular basis (although some of us managed more often than others), in order to give ourselves the best possible preparation for the race. The training sessions were lots of fun and we were soon able to shake off any aching muscles.

I’m hoping to find even more people to take part in Motorman Run 2016 and would very much like to put together an even larger M+H Group.

I am particularly proud of my teammates, who were all taking part for the very first time this year; whether running 8 km or 16 km, everyone completed the course and we all had a great time. I look forward to joining forces with you as a team again next year!

I also hope that I have piqued the interest of at least one or two others, and very much hope that our team will be even bigger next year.