What was the highlight of 2014? Sometimes, it’s worth looking at past moments again before memories fade and the future finally becomes the present. 2014 was an eventful year at MANN+HUMMEL. In the first part of my journey through time, I presented highlights from the innovation and technology sector as well as society and environment. In the second part, I look at passion and excellence, new additions, as well as opportunities and people at the Company.

If a topic is of particular interest to you, use the hyperlinks to explore the corresponding blog articles. At the end of the journey, I would like to invite you to share your 2014 highlights with us!

Passion and excellence

‘Love what you do and you’ll never have to work again’ says a well-known quote. Heinz Bühl is fascinated by concepts such as torque, performance or fuel consumption. The subject of his diploma thesis in the late 1980s was tuning a 125 cc racing bike. Since then, he has become a product champion and global development manager at MANN+HUMMEL in the intake manifold sector. Innovation is a great challenge, and in the case of manifolds, this is a product which was invented over 130 years ago. How innovation can nevertheless be maintained is described by Heinz Bühl in his blog article.

Autumn is exhibition time. We took the opportunity to present some of our products and technologies on video. Did you know, for example, how the multi-stage water separator protects commercial vehicle engines?

Or how pre-separation of dust in the intake air of truck engines works?

Filters are also used in the rail cars that many of us travel into work on every day. Cabin filters, for example, to maintain air quality in the passenger area and at the same time protect the air conditioning system from contaminants. This video gives an overview of the types of filters used in railway vehicles:

Clean air is also required in the marine sector. Up to 1,000 air filters can be fitted in a single vessel. Kenth Gustavsen ensures that the air on the ocean giants is clean and stays that way.

Last but not least, everyone travelling by car wants pure air. In mid-September, Manuel Ziegler and Jens Bastobbe exhibited the bio-functional cabin filter FreciousPlus at Automechanika in Frankfurt.

The world does not simply spin, it grows and changes. The same applies to MANN+HUMMEL. I would now like to present some new additions in the paragraphs below.

New additions

As the large sign on Schwieberdinger Strasse in Ludwigsburg proclaims: MANN+HUMMEL is building a new technology centre at the company headquarters. From mid-2016, around 400 staff from R+D, sales and administration will be working there. Wondering what the new technology centre will look like? Here is a little foretaste on Video:

In February, MANN+HUMMEL welcomed Vokes Air, based in Svenljunga, Sweden, into the family. Vokes Air is a leading supplier of filtration applications, producing and selling filters for HVAC and process air. Social media manager Heike Gehring asked: ‘How does Vokes Air actually fit in with MANN+HUMMEL?’

The MANN+HUMMEL team in the Czech Republic celebrated the construction of a new production hall in Uhersky Brod. Radim Horak was already involved when the first environmental studies were carried out. In his view, the premises also have to be right, to make people really comfortable at work. It goes without saying that it is the people who are the most valuable asset in the company. We therefore maintain respectful interaction and offer opportunities:

Opportunities and People

Whether apprentice or student – Alexander Pohl certainly knows that your career does not necessarily run in a straight line. He has ‘a somewhat different career path’ behind him. After stopovers as an upholsterer, redcap, doorman, shop assistant, security guard and detective, he is now an apprentice process mechanic at MANN+HUMMEL – and is as happy as can be. The career of Karsten Müller, currently production manager at the MANN+HUMMEL plant in Speyer, has been direct, though not without hurdles. Maria de Jesus Alcantar, on the other hand, had to assert herself as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated sector – the automotive industry. She would like to tell you what she has learned in her job over the past 20 years and the professional challenges in Mexico that she has overcome.


Arne Bauer ist auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Job

It is people who characterise companies. As a ‘roving reporter’, I (Arne Bauer) set out to present jobs and people at MANN+HUMMEL. I first accompanied Daniel Sassman, Production manager of the sheet steel division in Ludwigsburg. The aspect of his job that excites him is the balancing act between production and management. My second trip took me to the apprentice workshop in Ludwigsburg. Ursula Fritz is the training manager there –  or rather ‘a career changer setting an example’.

At the tender age of 29, Ben Greiner has already had a complete change of career. He was working as a qualified hairdresser when he decided to start an apprenticeship as a process mechanic for plastic and rubber. You can find out what the two jobs have in common in the blog article ‘From hairdresser to process mechanic’. Peter Grabow clearly demonstrates that everyone, regardless of their position, can contribute to success. The doorman in Speyer is passionate about his job and knows that ‘sometimes, small details can have a big impact’. You will find other articles in the series ‘What does …… actually do?’ here.

So, what now? The year just gone, 2014, is history, attention is fully focused on the present and future. But if you want to sit back for a moment and relax, just browse through our blog articles. There are so many fascinating reports that I could not include in this review.

Please use the comment function to send us your 2014 highlights – in connection with MANN+HUMMEL or personal ones.