Dear Readers,

The countdown is on as MANN+HUMMEL gets ready to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2016. Preparations have been in full swing for some time now – we really want to make sure that next year has that little something extra. We want to look back together and then look ahead to the future so that we can write the next chapter in MANN+HUMMEL’s success story.

Our Corporate Blog will play an important role during our year of celebration. After all, what better way is there to tell the MANN+HUMMEL story than through, well, stories? On that note, I am delighted to kick off our new blog series with my post today.

Under the heading ‘MANN+HUMMEL: Then and now’, we will take a step back in time together and look at how MANN+HUMMEL has progressed since its founding.

The blog series will be divided into three different topics, similar to our Blog categories ‘People & Company’, ‘Innovation & Technology’ and ‘Apprenticeships & Career’. You can look forward to the following exciting sub-series:

MANN+HUMMEL history: Then and now


This series is all about our company. How has it evolved to become what it is today? How have its brands changed? It will also look at our different locations, our archive and the filter museum.

The idea for this series came from the work of company historians, who have efficiently sorted through our archive in Ludwigsburg, making endless fascinating discoveries along the way. A two-part post by Project Manager Roman Krüger will mark the start of this series, as he tells you all about some of these gems from our history.

Products: Then and now


Here our products will be the focus of attention – it goes without saying that they too have evolved and developed over the past 75 years. Brand-new innovations have also been added to the mix, meaning that many of our products no longer have a place in our range. Did you know, for example, that MANN+HUMMEL once made strainers? And even today we don’t just produce filters. We promise you won’t be disappointed! We developed a taste for this subject back in July 2013, when Marcel Hofmeister wrote a post for our blog called ‘Egon and air filtration’, which actually led to this whole series being developed.

Hofmeister_“In my “side job” as a museum tour guide, I am constantly immersed in history, whilst I also keep my finger on the pulse and get to work with the latest innovations in my role as a product champion for air filtration. This certainly makes for an exciting combination. Technical development is a truly exciting field that I am excited to tell our readers all about. With this in mind, throughout this series I am going to be speaking to my colleagues – the product champions within our other divisions – to find out how their products have been developed over the past 75 years” (Marcel Hofmeister, Air Filtration Product Champion).

Jobs: Then and now


New technologies are changing the way in which we work, consigning some jobs to the history books but also creating new ones. The aim of this series is to look at what has changed at MANN+HUMMEL: Which tasks would have been taken care of by the Human Resources department before and how does that compare to today? Does a training supervisor do the same job today as his colleague would have done 50 years ago? How has the way we communicate changed?

Ingrid“Within the Blog Team, we are always looking for new topics for our corporate blog. One day, we had the idea of writing a post about the ways in which work has changed over time while talking to a former colleague. Of course this fits in perfectly with our company’s anniversary and we quickly realised what great potential this topic has. That is why we decided to widen the scope and turn it into a whole series. I am already looking forward to gaining some interesting insights” (Ingrid Wittke, Corporate Blog Manager).


I hope that I have managed to kindle your excitement about our new blog series!

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for us relating to this series, or if you have a story you’d like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Blog Team via the comments column.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog 🙂

Your Blog Team