MANN+HUMMEL THAILAND was founded in 2012 to support the local demand for our automotive filtration products. Thailand is an important market for our company and, thanks to the investment from Asian manufacturers, car production will continue to expand steadily in the future.

Construction of a 4,000 square metre production and distribution centre in the Rayong area was completed in 2014. Rayong is located in tMerit Ceremony 1he heart of a fast growing international automotive cluster, about 2 hour drive south east of Bangkok. We produce air filter systems and intake manifolds for passenger cars and trucks.

Every business in Thailand has a small shrine in its grounds which shelters the spirits that watch over the company and its workers.

In keeping with Thai beliefs, the factory has a spirit house at the front entrance. Recently we invited monks from the local temple to perform a merit ceremony at the factory. In Buddhism, merits are the good deeds you perform over your lifetime that contribute to your spiritual liberation.

In preparation for the monks’ visit, employees decorated the spirit house with flowers and made offerings of food. The nine monks arrived at 10.00am and were welcomed by Mr Claude Mathieu, our Managing Director. He started the ceremony by lighting a candle and burning incense.

The monks then prayed to Buddha for the success of the company and the happiness of the employees. They sprinkled holy water around the building and participants. About 60 members of staff, both Thai and expat, took part in the ceremony. Although we have different beliefs and cultures, we found a shared spirit in the proceedings.

Merit Ceremony 3

In recognition of their service, the MANN+HUMMEL Thailand employees then offered food to the monks – a traditional Thai main dish followed by dessert and fruit. The company also provided Sangkhapan, further offerings for the monks to take away with them.

Merit Ceremony 5

As a newly established company, this was the first merit ceremony for MANN+HUMMEL Thailand. Although active internationally, it is important for us to also respect and follow local traditions. It ensures that employees feel like a part of an organisation and promotes understanding as well as camaraderie. As the Thai tradition dictates, we plan to invite the monks every year to ensure the prosperity of MANN+HUMMEL Thailand and the happiness of its employees.