This Saturday afternoon was different. My husband disappeared from our house just after noon to set up demonstrations and examples of the work we do in the test laboratory of MANN+HUMMEL Service. I tried to put our two little ones to sleep before the event as I knew it was going to be a long day for us all and our oldest son was too excited to do his homework. Why? Because at last he had been promised a visit to MANN+HUMMEL in Nová Ves.

A look behind the scenes

Almost 2,000 visitors took the opportunity to enter the factory, too. MANN+HUMMEL have organized an annual Family Day for several years but this year it was something more inclusive. In September, the first MANN+HUMMEL Day took place – a fun day which was open not only to employees and their families, but also friends and the community we cooperate with. The day started at 2:00pm and visitors could experience the products, technologies, production lines, test laboratory and administration space of MANN+HUMMEL in Nová Ves, Czech Republic. The employees and guides involved did an excellent job in introducing this technical world to the public and even the kids.

For instance, my 5-year-old son was amazed by the experiments he saw during the afternoon. Any child could understand (and later try at home) the principle of a leakage test; if air can be seen escaping in a water-filled sink, the part is not correct. Kids and some adults were also amazed by a dead fly – blown up 250 times bigger under a microscope. These might be breakthrough moments when our young ones find an interest in technical miracles.

A look behind the scenes

Employees’ musical talents centre stage

During the day, Hitrádio Vysočina moderator Pavel Bláha was informing and entertaining visitors at the main stage. Three music bands performed in the afternoon – all of them had members who are MANN+HUMMEL employees. The line-up started with Amarilys, whose tones took the audience to the distant Ireland, and they were then followed by Oran-Gutan, who got the crowd wanting more.

Guests were then greeted by the executives from both MANN+HUMMEL companies in Nová Ves – MANN+HUMMEL Czech Republic’s Rostislav Khýr and MANN+HUMMEL Service‘s Bernd Boketta. Shortly afterwards, the crowd was amazed when Bernd Boketta took to the stage again – as a drummer in a Prague band called Souls for Rent. Bernd is a relatively new addition to the team so not everyone knew of his musical passion – he and the band gave a lively performance!

The biggest musical attraction of the evening was certainly a very popular Czech singer Tereza Kerndlová, accompanied by graceful dancers. The evening ended on a high when a Czech singer and presenter Miloš Pokorný with his radio colleague, Roman Ondráček, who collectively form the band Těžkej Pokondr, performed on stage. These two are famous throughout the country for their hilarious Czech cover versions of popular international songs.

Czech Republic celebrates MANN+HUMMEL Day

Entertainment for kids and curious adults

There was a lot to do to for the kids. Have a bouncy castle at an event and my kids will never want to leave. We also enjoyed the air brushing and face painting artists who were busy creating butterflies, roses, pirates, whatever, for more than 6 hours. Other kids were excited to meet our mascot Hummeli and take photos with him. They could also learn archery, challenge a climbing wall or enjoy a wipe-out arena. There was also an entertainer who encouraged little kids to sing and dance. The sports program for kids was organized in cooperation with our partner organizations Střed and Barevný Svět from Třebíč.

Car fans were excited about being able to sit in a Formula TU Brno Racing simulator and ride mini motorbikes. What’s more, students from the Secondary School in Třebíč brought their Kaipan Grand Prix car for everyone to test out. It was a great opportunity to see their work and the results of the MANN+HUMMEL sponsorship they received. Food and drinks for the visitors were provided. Plus, delicious coffee and sweet pancakes were on offer served by the mobile Cafeteria Pohodička, run by a local charity organization that MANN+HUMMEL supports. All in all, the day was an excellent example of how to connect a factory, its staff, families, friends and local disabled people with fun and learning.

MANN+HUMMEL family day

Next year’s special event

MANN+HUMMEL Service is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. 2018 will see 25 years of MANN+HUMMEL in the Czech Republic and so our plans for the next MANN+HUMMEL Day are already under way. We aim to make it a great celebration – we hope you can join us!