My name is Alfonso Izquierdo, and I came from Peru to Germany in order to get a MBA in International Management at the Hochschule Pforzheim. I worked as a SAP Consultant for many years in different industries and different countries. The main reason to study the MBA was because I wanted to have a more holistic view of the work I had done previously and to have the understanding and connection between business and operational issues relevant to any Company.

Why Germany?

This is not the first time that I’ve been to Europe; I previously had the chance to work one year in Spain. At that time, I spent two weeks of my vacation visiting several European cities. One of them was Berlin, which deeply impressed me with its architecture and culture (though I could not see it all). There are some differences between northern and southern Germany, but in general I like the culture and ways of doing things. At that moment, I decided that if I came back to Europe, it would be to Germany.

After I got back to Peru, I decided to take some German language courses. Maybe this is the time to say that for Spanish speakers like me, it’s very difficult to learn this amazing language. So after some time working I decided to go back to the academic side, and I had the opportunity to apply for a scholarship via the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), a German organization for international academic cooperation. Fortunately I obtained this grant, choosing the Hochschule Pforzheim because of its prestige and Background.

Studies at the Hochschule Pforzheim

It was really helpful and amazing to have so many nationalities in my school (such as Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Romanian, Vietnamese, American, German, Pakistani, Mexican, Latvian), to gain different perspectives from them and to learn about different cultures and traditions. The friendships continue until now.

In the MBA program, I learned different concepts regarding Economics, Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Sustainability, topics which I had not directly worked with in the past. But now I can say that I have the knowledge to take better decisions as a professional and also in my personal life.

Here I’d like to mention how grateful and thankful I am for my professors, due to their professionalism and expertise. I appreciate the experiences they shared with us to make us better professionals. I am more than satisfied with all the knowledge I gained from the German academic program I went through.

We had many visits to different companies, one of them being MANN+HUMMEL. I got the opportunity to work on one of their projects regarding a Technology and Market Study for Air Quality Control. It was really interesting and challenging, but I have to admit that without the support of all the people involved from the company and the university, it would not have been possible to finish the project successfully.

Future plans

I have just finished my Master’s thesis working in connection with an International Company located in Nuremberg. It was a really interesting topic regarding Corporate Performance Management and IT Outsourcing. Thanks to the demanding work in the university and interesting projects like the one I worked on in MANN+HUMMEL, I was able to deliver a very good result and handle complex topics well. This experience helped me a lot in that I got more involved in the German labor market.

I am very proud to say that I have reached one of my main objectives, and now I am successfully prepared for new challenges in my professional and personal life in Germany. I will continue improving my German language skills. I know this is very important for becoming integrated into the society and culture of this beautiful country. I would like to thank MANN+HUMMEL for giving me the opportunity to write this article, to Germany for the wonderful experience, and to my family for all the support I have received and will receive every day.

Hasta luego!