Based in Singapore, I joined the Intelligent Air Solutions (IAS) team in 2017. Since then, I have witnessed the birth and seen the development of OurAir – a new brand of MANN+HUMMEL dedicating in indoor air quality solutions. This is a new sector for MANN+HUMMEL and it’s an exciting role to be in. In fact, I lead OurAir brand development together with the steering committee in Germany and launched the OurAir website last year.

Do you know we spend 90% of our time indoors* and pollutants can be five times higher in indoor spaces**? Pollutants can be 5 times higher indoors. However, most of us do not see it as a priority to maintain the good indoor air quality.

Here comes OurAir

We provide comprehensive IAQ solutions from KNOW, IMPROVE, to MANAGE.

Know – measures how clean your indoor air is, and learn what you can do to improve its quality.
Improve – better the quality of your indoor air, and with it, the quality of your life and business.
Manage – Maintain the fresh air you breathe and live by, and constantly optimise it for today and tomorrow.

Leveraging our filtration expertise, OurAir products are thoughtfully designed to separate the useful from the harmful. Innovative and calibrated to your personal and business needs, each product is made to enable you to be more. This year, I was excited to see the market launch of OurAir. In a way, it was like seeing my own baby growing up.


We organised a successful launch event of OurAir in China, which also marks the strategic partnership with CHBA (China Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Healthy Building). As an active advocate of “Healthy China 2030” strategy, CHBA was co-established by China Academy of Building Research and other 22 relevant units to facilitate the conversation between regional and national governments and alliance members.

With the help of CHBA, we will be able to strengthen our collaboration with governments and other members to extend our footprint in indoor air filtration.

signing ceremony

Over 80 participants, including facility managers, strategic partners and association heads, attended the event. “With the improvement of people’s living standard, indoor air quality is attracting more and more attention. High quality indoor air will enhance people’s work efficiency and job satisfaction.

We are honoured to join CBHA.  In future, we will work with CBHA to help people understand, improve and manage indoor air quality, and contribute to the development of healthy building industry in China!” remarked by Jason TANG, our Vice President of Intelligent Air Solutions department.


We also partner with the World Green Building Council to promote the Better Places For People initiative, and are accredited by RESET international healthy living standards certification. It’s truly my honor to be part of such a success story!


*Source: National Human Activity Pattern Survey
** Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency