As product manager for the industrial sector I am constantly working on the expansion of our MANN-FILTER product range to be able to offer more products to customers. Market coverage is an important factor for the purchasing decisions of our dealers and therefore an important competitive advantage. I have been responsible since 2005 for all air, oil, fuel, cabin and hydraulics filters for construction and agricultural machinery. Since then I have been working intensively together with my colleagues to keep our range of products for important machine producers at the highest level.  MANN‑FILTER is dedicated to offering its customers filters in OE‑matching quality. Accordingly, a new product launch takes time until all the tests have been carried out and the product is good enough to sell to the customer being offered in the online catalog. Over the last 12 months we have worked intensively on the expansion of our range of hydraulics filters.

And that brings me to the good news for all owners of construction and agricultural machinery. As from November 2017 under the proven MANN-FILTER brand we will be offering a considerably wider range of filters for mobile hydraulics on the market. The expanded range targets the segment for construction and agricultural machinery, especially as in this segment we already have the best access to the market via existing dealers. The market launch will take place in two phases.

hydraulic filter

In the first phase we will include more than 50 new filter types and elements in our product range for all well‑known producers. This will enable us to cover around 8,600 new applications. In a second phase which will happen in spring of next year we will follow up with a further 50 filter types and elements for over 5,000 new applications. This will mean that the range of MANN-FILTER products for industrial applications will become one of the most extensive product ranges on the European market.

As product manager I am naturally proud of the new range of filters for mobile hydraulics in construction and agricultural machinery. But I am also confident that it will be successful. The dealers are sure to give us feedback. Our market studies have shown that customers trust the MANN-FILTER brand promise. They know that our products meet the demanding specifications of vehicle and machine producers. In the aftermarket business this is something which is far from standard.

Personally I find the field of filter technology incredibly exciting. For me filters are like silent heroes. With their cleaning power they have a decisive influence on the functionality and service life of the machines they serve. Experience shows that most of the downtime of hydraulics systems is caused by inadequate filtration.

mobile hydraulic

That is awkward for the farmer or building contractor and is also associated with higher costs. This means saving money on filters is not advisable particularly as the total annual running costs for this replacement part with construction and agricultural machinery anyway just represents roughly two per cent of the costs. Those who purchase cheap and inferior filters just to save a few cents usually have to pay more in the long-run.

The trade also benefits from our extensive range and globally-known brand. Together with air, oil, fuel and cabin filters, with us dealers have access to the most comprehensive product range worldwide for mobile machinery backed up by excellent service. This means that if I had a tractor, I know where I would buy my replacement hydraulics filters… 😉