MANN+HUMMEL is building a new technology centre at its headquarters in Ludwigsburg – a further step towards achieving our goal of ‘leadership in filtration’. Our construction plans are well known, as they are plain for everyone who walks past the building site in Schwieberdinger Strasse to see.

But what exactly will the new building look like? How will it be connected to the existing buildings? What modern working concepts await us?

Technologiezentrum 1

Over the next year and a half, a new building complex will be built next to the existing administration building in Schlieffenstrasse, which, together with the existing building, will form the new MANN+HUMMEL technology centre.

From mid-2016, some 400 employees will be relocated there from the research and development, sales and administration departments. Of course, for us the building is significant not just because it is a new construction, which will set standards – above all within the spheres of testing and development – with state-of-the-art technology, but also because it represents the wishes and requirements of the employees in terms of the design and organisation of the new workstations.

In all areas, we should provide a feeling of comfort, great flexibility and space for informal communications, teamwork and concentrated individual work. Group work areas arranged in a contemporary style will allow for transparent work processes in the new technology centre. In today’s working world, open spaces are the heart, small meeting rooms are the head and communication networks are the pulse. We are excited to see how this will all be brought to life at MANN+HUMMEL.

Experience the technology centre in the film:

You will soon be able to find out how the new building will look from the inside as part of our blog.