The MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus cabin filter is one of the many success stories of MANN+HUMMEL. This new filter from the company is able to filter out almost 100% of the fine dust from the intake air. It also filters out harmful gases such as NOx, SO2 or ozone and reliably binds allergens, bacteria and mold spores. In time for the 2018 Automechanika trade fair which takes place from September 11 to 15 in Frankfurt, MANN-FILTER now presents the new FreciousPlus 2 which sets an even higher standard for high performance cabin filters. And this is how it happened:

Supply today what the market needs tomorrow

When MANN-FILTER presented the FreciousPlus in 2014, also at Automechanika, there was no comparable product on the market. This enabled us to set a new standard and give us a corresponding edge over the competition. Of course the competition is also active and so now over the years similar filter products have become available from other manufacturers. However, this was not the only reason why we once again worked on the development of the FreciousPlus. We were sure that in the area of multi-functional premium filters the filter still represented the best available overall offer. But many other things can change over four years.

There is, for example, currently a lively debate about air pollution caused by road traffic. Accordingly, car drivers have become more aware that clean air in the passenger compartment helps to protect health. The car producers themselves also attach more importance to the air quality in the passenger compartment and in the coming years will surely strive to make further improvements to vehicles in series production.  The respective developments are then often implemented in cooperation with specialized automotive suppliers, and already today MANN+HUMMEL is able to demonstrate with the FreciousPlus 2 where the future lies.


Improvements with important points

In order to achieve this we considered which improvements are necessary for the conditions of today and tomorrow and how to implement these. The result is the FreciousPlus 2. As mentioned above, the filter will be launched at Automechanika trade fair. After that we will present the filter at a number of further trade fairs before the finished product is made available in the new year for customers. Then, in time for the hay fever season in the spring of 2019,  the 20 most important versions of the previously available 100 FreciousPlus cabin filters will be made available in the new version.  The plan is to change all the other variants over to the new version in the course of 2019.

What is better about the new FreciousPlus 2? Firstly, we have increased the filter performance for fine dust to a completely new level. This is achieved by changing the filtration method of the fine dust. Now, instead of an electrostatic charge, ultrafine nanofibers are used for the filtration. These fibers are approx. 100 times thinner than the fibers of conventional nonwoven fabric. They lie like a spider’s web on the filtration layers with coarse fibers and as a result also retain ultrafine particles in the range of PM2.5 and PM1. And these are precisely the particles which can enter the bronchia, the pulmonary alveoli, and even the bloodstream.



In addition, we have further improved the composition of the activated carbon layer to more effectively adsorb harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ozone (O3). In particular, with blocking the especially harmful nitrogen dioxide we have set new standards which offer the vehicle occupants considerably greater health protection.

The third improvement relates to the sense of smell of the car driver. Those of you who have driven past a freshly fertilized field will know exactly what I am talking about. We developed a new coating for the FreciousPlus 2 which is more efficient at preventing undesirable odors from entering the interior of the vehicle. For example, the typical odor of fresh liquid manure is also blocked, which in chemical terms is in effect ammonia. For this purpose, the fabric was coated with a special chemical which binds ammonia. FreciousPlus 2 reliably filters out substances which trigger allergies, i.e. allergens, and bacteria and mold fungi at the same high level as the first generation. It binds almost all of the allergens and prevents bacteria and mold fungi from entering the interior of the vehicle via the ventilation system.

More protection for 1 euro per month

In total, the new development of the MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus 2 builds on the success of the previous model and is able to meet all future requirements. We are therefore sure that it will enjoy market success, especially as in comparison to conventional filters it is only marginally more expensive. In comparison to a conventional cabin filter with activated carbon, car drivers are better protected inside their vehicles from invisible dangers in the air, for roughly 1 euro per month.