Obsession is “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind” and over the past year, the OE industrial filtration team at MANN+HUMMEL in Raleigh, USA has thought of nothing else but our customers. I have to confess, we have a customer obsession – but not in a deranged way! In fact, we have a refreshed strategy around key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that brings them into higher focus. We must know how they tick: their culture and mindset, their product, their goals and place in the market with the aim of serving them better – and it is getting results.

Taking it to the next level

Our customer obsession came from a desire to be even better. MANN+HUMMEL Group have developed a range of industry-leading, innovative products resulting from 75+ years of experience and investment in R&D, combined with a vast understanding of market needs. We knew we needed to up our game to show clients the clear benefits our products have – superior quality, ease of maintenance, extended product life. And that meant committing more time and resources to a refreshed, customer-obsessed sales strategy.

part of the tec day

Each of our key OEM customers has a dedicated MANN+HUMMEL sales team. Each team is committed to focusing on their particular customer’s needs and to understanding how filtration fits into that customer’s success. Armed with this knowledge, we can take a much more strategic approach. And this approach has shown our OEM customers the value of partnership.

Making a commitment

Knowing our customers’ strategies and challenges means we can focus our sales pitch on the areas that matter most to them. One very successful approach we have introduced are on-site Tech Shows, a morning or afternoon spent at our customer’s office where MANN+HUMMEL engineers present and discuss our products. These high-level exhibits give us the opportunity to explain our products to our client’s engineering staff, as well as production managers and purchasing teams.

It’s a real door opener that differentiates our products from our competitors in the minds of the decision makers that matter. Plus, MANN+HUMMEL engineers get feedback direct from end-users – helping us to keep innovating and developing our products.

Agenda of the tec day

Obviously, this means that our clients’ key staff are ‘tied-up’ in a meeting and not focusing on their daily grind. However, our commitment to the client has also led to the client committing to us. In their eyes, we are not just a supplier, we are a partner – and this is time well spent.

A total obsession

Our customer obsession isn’t just with select OEM manufacturers. All our customers have benefited from our clear customer strategy and commitment. The trickle-down effect can be felt throughout our customer base.

MANN+HUMMEL logoOn a personal level, I find the new attitude quite energizing. Being in front of the customer not only gives a human face to MANN+HUMMEL, but I get to know my customers both professionally and personally.  I know their products, their production techniques and their development strategies on an intimate level, which means I can make a real contribution to their success (and ours). Whenever I see my client’s equipment out in the world, I know how and where it is produced, how it works, and which MANN+HUMMEL filters are installed.

Our customer obsession has contributed a spike in our pipeline of opportunities. The interest in our products is certainly out there and we are in the perfect position to take advantage of it – right team, right time!