Traditionally when Yuletide beckons at MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology Poland in Gostyń we encourage the children of our staff to weave a little magic and good cheer into our daily routine at our company, and create something in the way of Christmas artwork. In previous years children made decorations for Christmas trees and drawings of what their favourite festivities would look like.

christmas tree

This year we invited our apprentice artists to make their own Christmas trees, measuring 30 cm, using a technique of their own choice. The children’s response exceeded our wildest expectations. Up to the very last day, December 15, our very own ‘wee ones’ proudly brought 684 small Christmas trees, which gaily furnished the company entrance hall – evoking gasps of delight among us all, as well as all those paying us a visit. Sometimes an older brother or sister helped in this enterprise, or indeed other members of the family – an occasion to spend some special time together. It was pride and joy that beamed out of the faces of children who managed to accompany their own tree. Each of the Christmas creations is a uniquely crafted work of art, being at the same time a reflection of great imagination and Yuletide spirit.

christmas party

It is enough to glance at the photographs to learn how much imagination the children showed in the choice of materials for their trees. There is paper, pasta shells, nuts, chestnuts, pine cones and many other ‘ingredients’. In addition, our colleagues from maintenance prepared special Christmas tree stands upon which all of these magical works could proudly flaunt their glitter.

So as to thank the children we invited them and their parents to a great magical Christmas party at GDK in Gostyń, where an enormous surprise lay in waiting. Dance and song helped Santa along who happened to drop in. The air was thick with magic and merriment, and all had a fantastic time – ice shows, Santa drinks and confections. The large numbers of our young guests meant that we organised three ’rounds’ and each proved to be unique, brimming with joy and things to do.

christmas party

Dearest Kids – a huge thank you for all your wonderful work. For coming and giving us many a moment we shall never forget! And for giving yours truly an unforgettable time! Your happy and smiling faces said it all and wove a bit of magic for Christmas, approaching fast.

We can all see how important it is to give our time, effort and energy for our children. Yet another never-ending well of motivation for our year ahead.

And what might be the challenge for our indomitable wee artists this time next Christmas?